Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 47 - Mantis Stalks Cicada.

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He Yiming acted as quick as lightning and claimed grey-clothed man’s life in one Silk Palm.

His actions were extremely smooth, and the execution seemed unrestrained. He even acquired the man’s gray clothes and black face-mask before finally recalling that he had yet again killed a man.

He bitterly smiled, ‘could it be….what they say practice makes perfect?’

However, for killing these bandits who mercilessly killed for their own selfish needs, He Yiming didn’t feel too bad. Instead, he even felt somewhat excited.

This feeling was poles apart from what he felt after killing Hubin. Perhaps, he had already become habitual of killing people.

With the tip of his foot, he picked up the big knife dropped by the man. Although he had not learned specific blade techniques, he could use the [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] as blade techniques. This martial skill could even kill gods and buddhas if needed.

He turned and entered the courtyard.

The thick stench of blood greeted him. At this moment, this originally serene and beautiful courtyard was dyed red with blood.

Four big grey-clothed men, with big knives in their hands, were berserkly slashing their blades at any living creature that came into their sight. However, before each one of them several servants could be seen fighting them with their lives.

Corpses could be seen everywhere; old, weak, women, children…all sorts were included.

The true outcome, however, relied on the battle occurring at the center of the courtyard. The intense battle occurring between the big man titled leader and Cheng Zhusheng.

Knowing that this was the most crucial point of the fight, both fought with everything they had learned throughout their lives.

The leader was holding a big knife in his hand. Cold light shined at the tip of the knife, and its surface had a minute red strip which seemed like blood and emanated a strange feeling. As the leader waved the blade, it reflected the flames under the dark sky, which seemed like dancing wisps of blood. (Tl: I am assuming flames of lanterns.)

While his opponent, the Cheng Lord Master Cheng Zhusheng, was old yet seemed firm. He was holding a staff in his hand. The staff seemed dark and ordinary. However, it seemed made up of pure steel, weight probably exceeding eighty jins.

As the old man waved his stick, he didn’t seem dazzling as his opponent, but his strikes were brimming with strength.

Both sides were doing everything they could, but neither of them had managed to gain the upper hand yet.

As He Yiming was watching them, not knowing what to do, he heard the leader’s ferocious yell, “Idiot, quickly grab the case.”

He Yiming faintly started before realizing that the leader’s words were meant for him. He shifted his vision and immediately spotted a red-colored box lying near the two individuals.

As soon as he looked at the case, his eyes began to shine. He naturally knew what the case contained inside it. He immediately pounced and gently grabbed the case.

He felt quite happy. Before coming to this place, he never expected that he would be able to obtain this thing so easily.

‘Could it be that even the gods are helping me?’

Cheng Zhusheng suddenly roared, eying He Yiming with a sinister expression. Suddenly, he threw the staff in his hand. It flew towards He Yiming like lightning while bringing along a wind-piercing sound.

If He Yiming had truly been that grey-clothed man, he would have no choice but to accept his fate. However, this was not the case. He Yiming immediately dropped down and rolled on the ground before dashing away like a raccoon following the direction he came from.

The stick struck the wall of the courtyard. Due to the immense strength behind the throw, it had penetrated halfway through the wall. Furthermore, it was still shuddering. From this, one could see the Lord Master’s wrath and the immense strength behind the strike.

Cheng Zhusheng wildly roared, but the big man in front of him loudly laughed. His blade strikes, which had almost reached perfection, completely shrouded the Cheng Lord Master.

After losing the staff, Cheng Zhusheng suddenly felt pressure increasing by multiple folds. He immediately understood that if he still thought about regaining the blood ginseng, he would truly die under this blade.

His experiences of many years allowed him to immediately calm down. He began to use his two palms, displaying an astonishing battle strength. Although, he fought with a clear disadvantage, his opponent wouldn’t be able to kill him in a short time period.

He Yiming quickly left the courtyard with the red box. However, he heard a furious roar followed by a strong Internal Energy piercing the air and coming towards him.

With just a glance, he recognized this man. This was precisely the number one expert in Cheng family’s second generation whose Internal Energy had already attained the peak of the eighth layer, Cheng Shine.

However, at this moment, from his wretched appearance, anyone could tell that upon hearing the commotion here, he must have thought about his Lord Master and the thousand-year blood ginseng. Thus, he rushed over here without thinking about his appearance.

He Yiming inwardly cursed at his bad luck. If the former had come just a moment late, he would have escaped.

While Facing a strike from a eighth layer expert even He Yiming couldn’t be careless in the slightest. However, as soon as he lifted his palm, his mind was immediately struck by a thought of passing the impending calamity onto someone else.

The Blazing technique began to operate in his body and instantly reached the realm of the ninth layer.

He Yiming lifted his right palm. Both of his palms had already turned completely scarlet as if they had been painted by a red, seeming extremely vicious.

At the same time, his palms began to emit an intensely scorching heat wave. This represented the peak of this technique. Only after one completely grasped this technique’s essence could such an exhibition be accomplished.

For an instant, Cheng Shine’s face became appalled. As the number one member of the Cheng family’s second member, he only needed a glance to tell the origin of this technique. Moreover, he also determined that the strength behind this palm was not something he could handle.

However, this moment, he resembled a man riding a tiger; dismounting means death. He didn’t have the option to retreat.

A loud explosion.

He Yiming’s body faintly shook at its original position before he dashed ahead like an arrow.

Cheng Shine flew backward. After knocking over two small trees and flying through the rare herbs and plants in the garden, he severely collided with a courtyard’s thick wall.

However, as he watched the grey-clothed figure, he didn’t chase after the latter. Instead, he hurriedly retreated and let out a breath of relief. After this exchange, not to mention he had received an Internal Energy, even if he had been as good as before, he wouldn’t have the courage to chase.

He inhaled a few breaths, pacifying the burning sensation in his body before he gnashed his teeth and aroused his Internal Energy, forcing down his injuries. He quickly went to the Inner courtyard. As soon as he entered, his eyes immediately turned scarlet. However, it seemed far more vicious than He Yiming’s palms a moment ago.

Suddenly, he turned. He didn’t rush to his father. Instead, as if lightning, he arrived in front of those four big grey-clothed men who seemed to have gained an advantage. In front of an eighth-layer expert, the four fifth-layer cultivators had no way to fight back. They were sent flying in a single exchange along with their weapons.

They spurted blood in mid-air and died there itself.

Subsequently, Cheng Shine’s figure flickered, and he arrived before the wall. Trying his hardest, he managed to pull out the Lord Master’s staff. After accomplishing all this, his body faintly shook. Just now, the strength he had to exert in order to pull out the staff was extraordinarily high. He almost felt like no longer being able to suppress his Internal injuries.

The leader coldly snorted and put his blade back. Slightly exerting his feet, he swiftly escaped. He came to the Cheng Residence in order to seize their treasure, not to annihilate the entire family. Since his underling had already left with the treasure, he would naturally not continue to engage here.

This change came as a surprise to the Cheng Lord Master. His vision followed the leader for a long time. His vision contained extreme hate but his body remained firmly planted on the ground. He had no intention of chasing.

A loud whistling sound echoed in the Cheng Residence. Those pillaging and murdering grey-clothed men everywhere, upon hearing this whistle, whistled back in a chorus and retreated simultaneously.

The entire Cheng Residence reeked of blood. After being completely prepared beforehand and catching the opponent unprepared, obtaining such a result was not strange at all. The most important point was that these men seemed extremely familiar with such fighting tactics. As soon as the leader commanded, anyone who could still move, regardless of whatever he was doing, left without the slightest hesitation.

On the other hand, Cheng family’s people were feeling anxious. Since these fiends had decided to leave on their own, naturally no one dared to chase.

They didn’t stay in the county town. Instead, they gathered at the town’s west gate. After all of them assembled, they stormed the west gate and escaped.

With a ninth-expert as the leader, taking control of an insignificant and defenseless city gate was as easy as lifting one’s hands.

They left the town through the west gate and went deep into the mountains.

Among the fifty plus men, eleven died in the battle. However, these were the men who licked blood from their blades. Although faces of some seemed heavy, no one said anything. They already knew this result before they started.

After assembling all the men, the leader swept his glance. Suddenly, his complexion changed. It was becoming increasingly ugly with every passing moment.

The two men standing beside him puzzledly asked, “Quidui, what happened?”

The leader said with an ashen complexion, “Sixth seized the case, but he is not here.”

Complete silence. If the sixth truly escaped with the case, the only thing left for him was a never-ending chase and ultimately, death.

After a while, a ferocious expression flickered in the leader’s eyes as his mouth opened and two words managed to escape through his teeth, “Find him…..”