Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 45 - Xu Family's Technique.

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The feast eventually concluded. Both He Quanxin and He Quanming although had been beaming with smiles during the feast, after arriving few hundred meters away from the Cheng residence, their faces turned grave.

Everybody knew that one of the reasons Lin family sent people and even delivered such a gift was to exhibit their strength. Henceforth, anyone who wished to fight Cheng family must consider Jadeting’s Lin family’s existence first.

This was indeed an enormously tyrannous clan. Perhaps they would not interfere in Tai Cang county’s trivial affairs, but when the matter would concern the destruction of the Cheng family, they would not just sit and watch.

As the two brothers thought how Cheng family indescribably managed to obtain such a strong assistance, their hearts turned heavy.

Silent along the whole journey, upon returning back to the clan, He Quanxin commanded everybody to rest and opted not to discuss Cheng family’s matter before returning and informing his father.

Even in the county town, the young generation had independent residences for them.

After entering his room, He Yiming immediately blew off the lamp and lay down on the bed with his clothes on. After a short while, as the activity outside died, he quietly opened the door and left.

His actions were exceedingly limited, and he specifically avoided the residences of his elders, so that nobody could discover him.

He gently climbed over the wall and went to the woodshed where he’d dumped the corpse before.

As he expected, nobody could be seen at such a time. Not daring to delay, He Yiming grabbed the corpse and dashed away as fast as he could, aiming for the outskirts of the city.

Although he didn’t have a superior agility technique, relying on his formidable Internal Energy, covering the long distance was not a problem.

Soon, he found himself in some mountain woods. He dug out a hole and buried the corpse. After settling the last heap of dust, he pondered for a few moments and decided to give his respects to the signless tomb in front of him.

After accomplishing all this, he felt relaxed as he hurriedly returned home following the same path.

Although he crossed over the city wall two times, in He Yiming’s opinion, such a low wall simply wasn’t an inconvenience. He was only slightly apprehensive of the guards that occasionally patrolled on the city wall.

However, these guards all had sleepy faces and even their eyes seemed half closed. He even doubted that if he walked past them, would they just ignore him even after spotting him.

By the time he returned back to the clan, the color of the sky had already brightened. As he closed the door and lay down on the bed, he heard the voices of his eldest uncle and others.

He Yiming, as if having a spring under his feet, jumped from the bed and hurriedly ate breakfast. His eldest uncle, Yitian, Yihai left for the manor

While he, his elder brother, and younger sister grabbed the rare opportunity and remained with their parents. He Quanxin gave them special permission to stay a few more days.

The days when the whole family got together were extremely rare. He Yiming also cleared his occupied mind and enjoyed the familial love and joy with his parents and siblings.

At night, everybody left for their residences.

After returning to his room, He Yiming eventually brought out the things he had received from the black-clothed man.

As compared to the former times, he was much calmer. This was also the reason he was able to suppress his curiosity and waited until this moment to examine his harvests.

The black-clothed man naturally wasn’t short of money on him. However, this was actually not He Yiming’s principal concern.

Apart from the money, He Yiming found three tiny bottles. These bottles seemed to be carved out of some jewel. They didn’t seem much expensive, but were quite sturdy. Even if he accidently dropped one of these on the floor, it would not break easily.

In addition, there was a book. He Yiming opened it. It actually explained about how to change one’s appearance; the Appearance Altering technique.

He Yiming didn’t know whether the methods mentioned in the book were good, but they seemed extremely rare. He Yiming had never heard about such appearance changing techniques before. Some techniques even mentioned the use of herbs. If the words written in the book were true, the worth of this book couldn’t be too shabby.

After sorting out these things, He Yiming eventually picked up the object he was most concerned about.

It was, of course, the object wrapped in the used oilskin. He carefully unfolded the cloth. It was indeed a copied scripture.

He Yiming’s emotions slightly stirred as he opened the first page. On the top, two big words could be seen; Blaze Technique.

He Yiming’s wrist slightly trembled, almost dropping the book, while his heart palpitated.

Prior to this moment, he never expected that this book could contain this technique. His complexion changed countless times instantaneously as joy flooded his insides.

He was quite fortunate to have waited this long before taking a look at this book. If he had hurriedly looked at this book yesterday, his face would have certainly betrayed his emotions; thus, attracting the attention of others.

Although his age was not big, he quite understood the three big influential families of the Tai Cang county.

All the three influential families would have their own Book Pavilion. In their Book Pavilions, they would have all the five-phase techniques of the clan stored.

Generally, according to the strength of the three influential families, these techniques would be all ordinary techniques. Even if they possessed something good, it would just be slightly above the ordinary ones.

However, Xu family had two exceedingly high-level battle skills.

Although He Yiming had not seen with his own eyes, his elders had mentioned the sufferings they had to go through due to these two battle skills when they were younger. Therefore, He Yiming had quite an impression of these two battle skills.

Fire-type primary cultivation technique, the Blaze technique, and wood-type primary cultivation technique, the Withered Tree technique.

These two techniques were undoubtedly akin to the lifeblood of Xu family and also their trump card.

Even while caressing the copied scripture in his hand, He Yiming didn’t dare believe that his luck was good to such extreme.

As he recalled the conversation between the black-clothed man and the drunkard, he arrived at a conclusion.

Relying on tricks, that drunkard managed to infiltrate the Xu family as a thief. No doubt about this point. Furthermore, He Yiming was also certain that the drunkard had managed to enter while concealing his strength.

Otherwise, if a seventh or eighth layer expert entered the Xu family, he would definitely receive the same treatment as that of the family’s second generation. How could he be a flatterer following behind Xu family’s young generation?

Behind the black-clothed man and the drunkard, an unknown entity was manipulating the events. Not only all of this all was happening in secret, everything was connected by a single thread.

Moreover, the other book, which the black-clothed man had not yet completely copied, had to be the other equally famous technique alongside the Blazing technique, the Withered Tree technique.

After contemplating for a few moments, He Yiming cleared his mind.

In any case, that black-clothed man was already dead. Dead men tell no tales. Thus, no one could doubt him. Furthermore, with his special body, as long as he preserved using metal-type techniques in presence of outsiders, he would not attract any suspicions either.

He Yiming closed his eyes before his thoughts gradually pacified.

Since he already had such a technique in his hands, how could he not at least try cultivating it?

He Yiming remained seated for about an hour with a calm mind before his mental state resumed its best state. Subsequently, he slowly opened the Blaze technique’s scripture and contemplated.

The Blaze technique was a fire-type primary cultivation technique, which was vastly different from the metal-type and water-type primary techniques he had previously cultivated.

As He Yiming began to cultivate according to the copied book, all the positions where his Internal Energy was present immediately began to give off a warm and fuzzy feeling. He clicked his tongue in wonder; deserving of its title of a top-level fire-type primary cultivation technique. It’s feel was indeed extraordinary.

At this moment, he even recalled the fight with Xu that happened a few days ago. He guessed that the Xu Yucai must have used a top level battle skill as well.

Although that battle was not as frightening as a Xiantian battle skill, its might couldn’t be compared with an ordinary battle skill.

For He Yiming, the cultivation of Blaze technique was unsurprisingly like a gale that blew as it wished.

Since this was the first time He Yiming had accessed a fire-type technique, he preserved the maximum caution. Every single character in the scripture was engraved in his mind, so as not to miss any detail.

In this fashion, the time he spent on this scripture was instead far more than the previous ones.

On the first night, he only cultivated up to the fifth layer.

He was not quite pleased with such speed, but if Xu family somehow heard this speed, even their ancestors would dig up their graves, only to die again.

As a high-level battle skill, its might obviously far exceeded the ordinary techniques on the same level, but so did the difficulty. Even a highly talented person would require several years to attain the fifth layer. Cultivating a top-level primary cultivation technique up to the fifth layer in a single night….He Yiming was indeed unique.

During the daytime, He Yiming continued to spend time with his family. At night, however, he continued his cultivation.

Of course, he still remained exceedingly cautious while cultivating. However, despite this being the case, on the third night, he smoothly attained the realm of the Blaze technique’s ninth layer.

After attaining this realm, his Internal Energy finally came to a standstill and stabilized.

Likewise, he casually read that Appearance-Altering technique’s book as well and found out about the substance inside those three jade bottles. The bottles contained some medicinal powder which could change one’s appearance. It was composed of some ordinary herbs and didn’t have a single extraordinary feature about it.