Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 38 - The Flying Man.

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He Yixuan had barely touched the ground outside the arena when a hand suddenly touched his shoulders.

An extremely pure, dense Internal Energy entered his meridians like flowing water. He Yixuan was pleasantly surprised. This Internal energy was precisely that of the Ripple technique he cultivated. However, this Internal Energy was clearly far above his. As soon as this Internal Energy entered, it began circulating in the sections of his right shoulder.

His meridians that had been injured by Xu Yucai just now immediately began to smoothen up.

The healing effect of water-type techniques was being exhibited to the extreme at this moment. Through his meridians, a faint coolness was being spread around in his entire right shoulder. He felt as if that hot, scorching pain from the wound was being iced, soothing him.

He Yixuan sucked in a deep breath before an ashamed expression covered his face.

In the He family manor, the sole individual who cultivated in the Ripple technique and had such a level of achievements was his own mother Lin Wenyu.

Who could have thought that his mother had personally rushed over and even saw him being defeated. He turned extremely gloomy as he thought as such. He was not afraid of his mother’s reprimand, but was only heart-broken because of not living up to the expectations.

However, at this moment, a familiar as well as chick-like soft voice echoed near his ears:

“Third brother, how are you feeling?”

Startled, He Yixuan turned his head before his eyes stretched wide and face showed a stumped expression.

Beside him, the person standing was not his mother as he had supposed, it was actually his sixth brother, He Yiming. Of course, what truly stumped him was that at this moment, his brother’s palm was lightly supporting his right shoulder, and from the point of contact, that pure, dense water-type Internal Energy was continuously entering his body, gently nourishing his meridians.

Suddenly, a strange look appeared on He Yixuan’s face, while his mind had a single thought, ‘Did sixth brother not cultivate metal type techniques, when did he attain such a level in water-type techniques as well?’

“Brother Yixuan, you let me win.”

Xu Yucai said from the arena. This moment, his aura had already been completely restrained. However, standing on the arena, he was still awe-inspiring, seeming like a majestic, towering mountain. His demon-god like image from a moment ago had been carved in the memory of all the spectators for eternity.

Everybody was discussing that final strike in muffled voices.

Although He Yixuan also exhibited exceptional might, which they could only hope to attain, in front Xu Yucai’s ferocious final strike, it seemed insignificant. No one cared to discuss the former’s performance.

He Yixuan’s face immediately turned red. His both fists tightly clenched as a faint hateful expression emerged in his eyes, “Brother Xu Yucai sure is ferocious. One year later, Yixuan will again ask guidance. At that time, I hope brother Xu Yucai would not be stingy.”

Xu Yucai loudly laughed before he said:

“As long as brother Yixuan is interested, this one from Xu family will certainly oblige.”

He Yixuan faintly nodded before pulling He Yiming’s hand, “Let’s go.”

However, he discovered that his sixth brother’s hands were as steady as a mountain, not even budging. He astoundedly turned his head before he saw the ferocious expression in his brother’s eyes.

“Third brother, let me try.” He Yiming said in a low voice.

He Yixuan faintly startled, before he involuntarily released his brother’s hand. He Yiming slightly nodded before his body flickered and jumped onto the arena.

Looking at his heroic sixth brother on the stage, He Yixuan felt a sort of unfamiliarity coming from the former.

Now he recalled that his sixth brother already had the same position as that of his eldest brother and eldest uncle. This was the individual who tied with his eldest brother in new year’s skill competition, and also the individual who killed the escaped criminal Hubin who had been able to flee as far as to the Tai Cang county.

Since they were so close, perhaps all of this had been overlooked. Only after he stepped forward at this moment did he make other people feel that he’d already accomplished several extraordinary feats.

As He Yixuan was lost in thoughts, he suddenly discovered that He Yiming was no longer that youngster from one and a half year ago who endlessly worried about the bottleneck of the fifth layer. The current He Yiming had already grown into a big enough tree that could shield the He family estate from sun and rain.

He Yiming jumping onto the stage was evidently out of everybody’s expectations.

Everybody had seen him standing together with He Yixuan, which was enough to guess his identity as a member of He family estate. However, with his young appearance, everybody automatically chose to ignore him.

After all, with his age, regardless of how he cultivated, he wouldn’t be able to match twenty year old Xu Yucai and He Yixuan who were in their prime.

DIsparity of ten years didn’t amount to much if compared between grown-ups, but disparity of ten years among youths was too much.

Xu Yucai brows faintly creased as he said:

“Who are you, why have you come on stage?”

Imitating his third brother’s manner, He Yiming cupped his fists before he said:

“He family’s sixth son, Yiming, ask for your guidance.”

“He Yiming?” A faint astonishment could be seen in the eyes of Xu Yucai. However, the next instant, he immediately covered it up.

He heartily laughed: “Little brother, if you want to fight on stage that’s fine, but first obtain permission from your parents.”

A burst of loud laughter could be heard from the crowd. Although Xu Yucai’s words were somewhat harsh, after seeing the disparity between the figures of the two, everybody took these words as just. He Yiming lifted up a finger. His face didn’t seem to have any anger or shame, instead still had that faint, indifferent smile.

His finger lightly swayed at his front as his mouth slightly opened before he said:

“One move.”

He did not seem to have yelled, but that voice, which seemed friendly and familial, instantly spread everywhere, entering the ears of everybody.

Although this voice was as light and soft as a feather, even in an arena which seemed like a fish market, it could be heard extremely clearly.

Gradually, all the laughter faded, and these ordinary people looked at each other’s faces. Although they didn’t knew the exact meaning behind these words, they had a faint feeling; a feeling caused the hair on their skins to turn taut.

While Xu Yucai and Xu Yude’s face seemed to have become unsightly. They knew that what this not yet fully adult youngster had managed to accomplish, they failed to do so.

At this instant, their heart quickened and expression become exceedingly sharp.

“What did you say?” Xu Yucai said, slowly speaking every word.

He Yiming’s right hand’s index finger casually pointed towards Xu Yucai as he said, “I said, I only need one move to defeat you,” His voice full of confidence.

The surroundings of the arena and the arena became completely quiet. But it only lasted for a few moments before the crowd once again burst into laughter. This time they just couldn’t worry anymore, though their laughter had a bit of goodwill and understanding.

If these words had come from an adult’s mouth, one would have definitely incurred people’s jeers and ridicule for overstating one’s capabilities. However, a juvenile was somewhat different.

Xu Yucai furiously laughed before saying:

“One move? You are saying I can’t take a single move from you?”

“That’s right,” He Yiming said, “ You can try exchanging one ove.”

Xu Yucai coldly snorted, turn around while waving his sleeves, and was just about to leave.

Nobody blamed for leaving at this moment. Because apart from He Yiming himself, not a single person believed his words.

As he was just about to step down the arena, He Yiming’s sneer could be heard, “So it turns out Xu family members are just a bunch of spineless cowards.”

The laughter down the arena instantly vanished as if it had been severed by a blade, while Xu Yucai who had almost stepped down, paused his footsteps. He turned around; his whole face dark. A voice, which seemed to have come from between his teeths, sounded:

“Young fellow, what did you say?”

He Yiming’s both hands were behind his back as he said:

“Since you don’t dare fight me, what does it mean if not spineless coward?”

Gradually, a sinister expression covered Xu Yucai’s face. His face echoed, “Good, you asked for it, young fellow.”

His aura, like a gigantic wave surging to the skies, burst forth in an instant. His two meter tall body immediately seemed to have become even more gigantic once more.

That demon god like image appeared once more, and this time, it seemed even more frightening than before.

Everybody felt that due to the provocation from He Yiming, Xu Yucai had gone crazy. Therefore, he wished to kill the latter on stage regardless of the consequences.

While everybody felt as such, Xu Yucai had already pounced forward, and instantly covering several meters, he struck at He Yiming with his fist.

Everybody’s vision was pulled in by this fist. Holding their breaths, they watched while visualizing He Yiming’s tragic conclusion.

However, He Yiming’s smile had not yet vanished.

He raised his right hand, softly clenching it. As he clenched his hand, everybody actually sensed an extremely profound feeling from it. It seemed as if he had not just clenched his fist, but also taken everything under his control.

As his fist clenched, the surrounding air rushed at his fist, as if being sucked into a giant whirlpool. Even the gales Xu Yucai had aroused were also pulled into his palm.

He Yiming struck. His fist, following a perfectly straight trajectory, struck at Xu Yucai’s fist in mid air.

Fist vs Fist.

Force against Force.

Strength vs Strength…

A loud explosive sound rippled outwards, as if metal had struck against stone.

He Yiming stood on the arena with his legs slightly apart. His tiny figure, at this moment, seemed as towering as a mountain and as precipitous as a ridge; calm and lofty.

While Xu Yucai, who had been a demon-god just now, resembled a snapped kite as he flew off the arena high above in air, leaving behind torrents of bloody rain.