Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 37 - Slightly Inferior.

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Hearing the cheers, He Yiming’s complexion slightly changed.

They came to watch other people fight, but never expected that they would have to join themselves.

Regardless of whether they were willing or not, under such circumstances, they didn’t have a choice.

He Yixuan waved his hand, producing a sharp and clear wind-piercing sound, which could be heard by the people near him even amidst the frantic cheers.

Subsequently, without saying a word, he advanced forward, showing his agreement. All of his surrounding people tried their utmost to retreat, so as to open up a spacious path for him.

Helpless, He Yiming could only follow behind his elder brother. Upon reaching the the arena’s boundary, the former was slightly startled. He had actually seen another youngster who was on par with Xu Yucai. The features of this youngster had quite a resemblance to that of the former. One could tell at a glance that these two were related by blood.

He Yixuan was also startled before he smilingly said:

“Brother Xu Yude, so you were also here.”

The other youngster revealed a calm smile before saying:

“Brother Yixuan, how come I do not see brother He Yitian.”

He Yixuan coarsely laughed and said:

“If eldest brother were to be here, I’m afraid brother Xu wouldn’t have dared to propose a match.”

Xu Yude’s face slightly sank as he said:

“Brother Yixuan should be careful with words and should not speak without thinking.”

He Yixuan playfully laughed and said:

“So with these words, I suppose brother Xu wants to challenge my eldest brother.”

Xu Yude’s face dropped, even seeming a little green. His voice turned cold as he said:

“Brother Yixuan, there is no use in being eloquent when you can show your true skill on the stage.”

He Yixuan heartily laughed a few times before stepping onto the arena in large strides.

As he mounted the stage, the cheering from below increased even more. Furthermore, He Yiming even heard many people shouting Xu family and He family’s name. Evidently, almost everyone in Tai Cang county knew He and Xu, two of the influential families. Furthermore, the people present also knew that currently on the stage were the members of these families’ third generation. Therefore, the fanaticism crowd displayed was far greater than they showed previously.

Seeing such a behaviour from the eldest member of Xu family’s third generation while facing his third brother, He Yiming was quite moved. His eldest brother was indeed the sole seventh layer expert throughout the young generation of all the three influential families. This Xu Yude actually didn’t even dare talk as soon as the matter of challenging his eldest brother was brought up.

However, as soon as He Yiming thought until this point, he immediately recalled the conversation with his grandfather last night, which caused him to be vigilant once again.

In the absence of his eldest brother, if Xu Yucai managed to prevail over his third brother, Xu family’s reputation would certainly increase by a lot, and on the other hand, He family would lose some face as well.

He coldly snorted. However, as his vision travelled to the arena, his brows inwardly creased.

Although his elder brother had prevailed over the opponent in past and currently both of them were sixth layer cultivators, He Yiming had a feeling that his eldest brother was slightly inferior to his opponent.

Actually, He Yiming couldn’t have such a discerning eye. However, his spiritual sense was extremely sharp. As he saw the two individuals on the stage, watched their movements and behaviour, he could already faintly perceive the outcome.

At this moment, on the stage, the two individuals were standing right next to each other, sizing up their opponent. They were unlike the two who fought before; punching and kicking right off the bat, seeming as if they couldn’t live in the same world.

The two young experts, who represented distinct influential families, stood at two corners of the arena, seeming as if they had a tacit agreement. On their bodies, an aura, that was invisible and untouchable yet had the ability to influence others, was gradually building up.

This aura slowly drifted with the air, gradually spreading outside the arena.

The Internal Energy cultivation until the fifth layer completely focused on supporting the body. In the absence of a fitting battle skill, giving form to one’s aura was simply impossible.

Of course, the aura not only depended on the profundity of Internal Energy, but also the cultivation technique as well as the individual’s current state.

The aura emitted by the two sixth layer cultivators while confronting each other was sufficient to cause ordinary people in a certain range to feel suppression and fear.

He Yiming’s brows rose and skin curled. As he felt the aura, his brain suddenly began to emulate the two individuals on the stage, and he even had an urge to and substitute them.

Actually, going by He Yiming’s Internal Energy cultivation, the aura of these two simply couldn’t affect him. However, the problem was that He Yiming’s battle experience was too lacking. Therefore, being subjected to their auras, his desire to battle was stirred. However, it was only for a moment, before he immediately suppressed it.

For him, such an attack simply amounted to nothing.

Not too far away from him, Xu Yude astoundedly glanced at him before his brows slightly creased, pondering over something.

Meanwhile, the people at the edge of the arena couldn’t bring themselves to cheer anymore. They simultaneously retreated away from the arena. Soon after, He Yiming and Xu Yude were the only two left at the edge of the arena.

Usually, during the duel in an arena present at the intersection of streets, the surroundings of arena were packed with spectators. Especially, the positions at the edge of the arena were like precious gems; people fought over them. However, this time, the edge of the arena had suddenly turned empty, which was quite an unusual sight.

The cheering of the surrounding crowd also calmed down. Everybody could feel that this time was not the usual thing; something was strange.

An oppressive atmosphere was being spread around in the crowd, causing people to feel apprehensive of speaking.

Now people faintly realized that the previous match couldn’t even be compared to the match between these children of influential family.

Everybody rejoiced, being able to eventually witness a contest between two real experts.

Suddenly, the individuals on the stage moved.

When they stood motionless, they seemed like a statue of buddha; awe-inspiring and dignified, even causing the people below the arena to feel such a oppressive pressure. However, as they moved, this pressure instead vanished.

However, no cheers could be heard from below even now. Because, currently, the movement speed of the two individuals on the stage had stepped beyond what the eyes of the ordinary people could take in. They all had a single thought: How could these two be so quick?

He Yixuan, as always, used the Ripple technique and Silk Palm. Silk Palm was an extremely widespread battle technique. However, with so many cultivating this technique, it didn’t have much loop-holes. As long as one had suitable physique and was willing to work hard, having some accomplishments was certain.

Once silk palm had been employed, He Yixuan’s surroundings were immediately filled with illusionary palm-images, seemingly shrouding and engulfing his entire body.

While his opponent Xu Yucai was actually one of the rare metal-type techniques’ cultivator.

He Yiming could clearly see that as far as strength control was concerned, this individual had already attained an extremely high level. Although the latter’s every fist, every kick seemed rather crude and wasting quite a bit of Internal Energy, in truth, the energy in his attacks was concentrated and did not disperse.

This illustrated that he had cultivated up to the peak of the sixth layer. That was why he could do as he pleased, without wasting the slightest bit of energy.

He Yiming’s eyes slightly twitched as he was inwardly astonished. If this individual continued like this, sooner or later, he would certainly attain the seventh layer.

On the stage, fist winds were howling and images of fists were flying about. Although the strikes of the two individuals were extremely heated and lively, it was definitely not too dangerous. However, after the initial probe, their respective aggressiveness was gradually increasing, and the feeling of apprehension while attacking was also gradually decreasing. They had even begun to employ some killer moves.

This match, after all, was related to the prestige of the two influential families and also their own respective positions in the clan. At such a time, they naturally wanted the victory regardless of anything.

He Yixuan’s feet were moving at a steady pace. From the beginning, he had maintained a neither swift nor slow frequency. This was the battle style water-type techniques excelled at. As long as one could maintain a state of neither victory not defeat, nothing could compare with water-type techniques recovering ability.

He Yixuan could say with certainty that as long as the current situation continued, the final victor would be him.

However, at this moment, Xu Yucai’s figure stopped on the stage. He roared as his body seemed to have instantaneously gone taller. His body, which had already been almost two meters tall, currently emanated a demon god like tyrannical aura.

He advanced in large steps, while his both fists, seeming like hammers, relentlessly struck at He Yixuan, discarding all defense.

He Yixuan’s heart trembled. Confronting such a chain-assault, he actually felt as if he would not be able to dodge.

Even though his figure was hurriedly dodging, he seemed shrouded in the opponent’s fists all the time. The dense fist-winds slashing across his face seemed like knives.

Although in his heart, he was clear that he simply couldn’t fight back, under such circumstances, he did not have a choice.

As quick as lightning, he waved his palms before layers of palm images, which seemed like waves, covered his front.

He Yixaun had attained the peak of the sixth layer in the cultivation of Silk Palm as well. Under the oppression of his opponent, he was displaying the might of this battle skill to the extreme.

As if giant hammers, the two fists heavily dropped on the rippling palm images. Suddenly, an intense gale exploded in all directions, and those illusionary palms instantly disappeared.

The two gigantic fists resolutely struck at He Yixaun’s palms, and like a hot knife cutting through butter, split opened his defense before continuing straight for his chest.

Right at this instant, He Yixuan’s eyes no longer had a frightened expression, but that of a deathly calm.

HIs body slightly leaned, avoiding the strike on his vital parts, but one of the fists severely brushed his right shoulder. However, he was already prepared. As soon as the fist made the contact, his both feet were already above the ground as he jumped off the stage.