Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 29 - Xiantian Battle Skill.

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Chapter-29 Xiantian Battle Skill

After the dinner, He Wude shared the news of Yiming’s breakthrough with the core members of the younger generation and asked them not to disclose it.

When they found out that He Yiming had actually attained the seventh layer, they immediately understood why had the Lord Master treated him so favourably and allowed him to sit on the principal seat before their two brothers who were elder than him.

A seventh layer cultivator, and on top of that, a barely fourteen year old youngster; if such a matter leaked outside, it would storm the entire Tai Cang county.

Three months ago, Xu-fourth attained the ninth layer. However, in comparison, He Yiming attaining the seventh layer would certainly cause a much bigger sensation.

After all, Xu Right attained the ninth layer past the age of forty, which estimated this layer to be the final step for him. However, He Yiming was different. A fourteen year old, seventh layer cultivator; the potential of such an individual simply couldn’t be measured. No one could say how far will he go in the end, but attaining the eighth layer in the next ten years was almost certain.

In other words, he was undoubtedly a future tenth layer cultivator.

After disclosing this matter and concluding the banquet, He Wude yet again brought the rest to his courtyard.

Upon returning, he asked in an amiable manner: “Yiming, how is your cultivation of that [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] going?”

“I have learned six forms. Although I wouldn’t dare say mastering the forms, but I should be able to use them somewhat.” He Yiming respectfully said.

He Wude nodded with satisfaction:

“That’s a Xiantian battle skill for you. Being able to use it after mere six months is already amazing. Quanyi, go train with Yiming. Let’s take a look, in the end, what exactly is the might of a Xiantian battle skill.”

“Yes”, He Quanyi faintly smiled and stepped towards He Yiming. Both of his hands were behind him, however, the aura around his body exploded like that of a rising sun on its own.

He Quanyi, like He Yihai, was a cultivator of fire type techniques. However, in comparison, he was much more experienced and his Internal Energy was at the eighth layer. Although, like He Yihai, he didn’t have an imposing aura like that of surging oceans of fire, the feeling of omnipresence he emanated was far out of He Yihai’s reach.

Upon looking at He Yiming’s stance of Rolling Boulder Fist he’d just assumed, He Wude’s brows slightly creased as he said:

“Yiming, use Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms.”

He Quanyi’s eyebrows faintly rose and his splendour reached the clouds as he said:

“Yiming, don’t hesitate using your full strength. No need to be courteous.”

Yiming forced out a laugh. The old man didn’t know but he was extremely clear on this technique’s might. In his opinion, even fighting a higher level cultivator and achieving victory was not difficult.

If he truly used this technique with full might, his third uncle might not be able to preserve.

He Yiming took a deep breath and circulated his Internal Energy, instantly attaining the seventh layer of the metal-type Primordial Energy. Feeling the circulating Internal Energy, he raised his both hands high above, and at the same time, emanated an intense, substantial aura.

“Third uncle, please take care.”

None as exception, the expressions of He Wude and the rest changed slightly. Even the Lord Master had never expected that conforming a Xiantian battle skill to the seventh layer of metal-type Internal Energy could actually bring forth such an aura.

The smile on the face of He Quanyi had long since vanished. His face had a grave expression, which was a stark contrast to the carefree expression he’d previously.

He Yiming had not even struck, yet the rest indescribably felt themselves tensing up.

He Quanyi’s legs aligned themselves in a position that resembled the character ‘八‘, and his hands faintly waved around his body. From his manner, he was clearly using a profound battle skill. This technique must focussed on the defensive power. A wisp of Internal Energy rippled around his body, seeming like a thick, hard shell covering his body.

He didn’t go on offense; firstly, he cultivated defensive techniques for the most part, and secondly, he knew that the old man wanted to test the might of a technique. Therefore, he was focussing completely on defense.

Everybody could see Yiming’s figure, yet everyone had different feelings about it.

Upon substituting themselves in He Quanyi’s position, they unexpectedly discovered that He Yiming’s stance seemed full of holes, but the aura corresponding to it actually had an air of never retreat, only forward as if wishing to be a broken jade rather than an intact earthen-tile. (Tl: Death rather than disgrace.)

Standing in front of the current He Yiming, none of them could have brought themselves to attack him.

This feeling was so intense that even He Wude felt a chill in his heart.

He suddenly realized that his grandson had not just mechanically memorized this battle skill, instead he was thoroughly displaying both the battle skill’s essence and a sort of unparalleled vehemence that only a Xiantian battle skill could contain.

Even though his strength was inferior to his opponent, with respect to the aura, he didn’t lose out one bit.

The only thing they couldn’t understand was that how He Yiming could grasp the true essence of a Xiantian battle skill as well? Could it be….

Practically at the same time, the same thought appeared in the minds of all the individuals present.

Could it be….Yiming truly was a super genius with respect to metal type techniques? Furthermore, the extent of his talent had already stepped beyond their understanding?

He Wude and his descendants subconsciously glanced at each other. Surprisingly, from each other’s eyes, they were able to mutually confirm their notion. The Lord Father’s eyes increasingly gleamed as he watched. A deeply buried wish, which he thought he would never be able to see being fulfilled with his own eyes, started to brew despite his attempts.

He Yiming raised his left foot while his right leg stood firm like Mount Tai. However, his calf and thigh muscles were intensely trembling.

After a few trembles, surprisingly, from the bottom, a large amount of Internal Energy began to spread around in his body. An ordinary person may not understand, but the individuals present here were all at or above the seventh layer. From the intensity of trembling, they could feel that this Internal Energy would definitely produce an incomparable might.

He Quanyi’s face turned turned even more solemn. He was not prepared for such an unorthodox move at all.

Suddenly pushing with his right leg, He Yiming’s left leg swiftly stepped out. As a shooting star catching up to the moon, he arrived in front of his third uncle.

Just in a single step, as if a streaking bird, he had already covered the distance between him and his third uncle

His both hands, which were raised high above, chopped down on his third uncle.

This strike was as quick as lightning. Assuming him and Quanyi as two points, former’s one step had been along the the line joining the two, not deviating in the slightest. Moreover, the stance he had assumed seemed to have further aroused his spirits to the extreme. His two palms, as if two giant hammers splitting apart a mountain, resolutely smashed downwards.

He Quanyi’s countenance eventually changed, and an appalled expression surfaced in his eyes.

So powerful; it’s actually this powerful. Could such a might still be corresponded to the seventh layer Internal Energy?

Having already spent half of his lifetime, he’d experienced life-and-death battles and the might of his old man’s tenth layer Internal Energy. However, he had to admit, he’d never ever seen such a frightening battle skill. This battle skill emanated a feeling of staking everything on a single move. Furthermore, those two arms, which seemed to have turned into iron blades that could split apart anything, actually evoked a feeling of impending death in him.

His two fists rapidly whirled across his chest. At the most critical juncture, He Quanyi instead threw out the fear from his heart, and the aura around his body turned extremely scalding. Displaying his several decades of fire type techniques’ cultivation, his entire being turned into a burning sphere in the perception of others.

However, He Yiming’s two successive palm strikes, as if huge blades chopping down on a bundle of firewoods, forcibly split apart the sphere.

Along with a loud explosion, He Quanyi’s figure flew out like a snapped off kite.

With a flash, his old man’s figure appeared, and with just a stretch of hand, counteracted the Internal Energy on his body. However, the enormity of the strength behind was far beyond what He Wude had expected, and even he was forced a slight retreat as he landed on the ground with He Quanyi.

He Yiming pulled his hands back and stood with an astonished expression in his eyes.

Just now, he’d used the sixth form of the [Mountain Splitting Thirty Six Forms] along with the seventh layer Primordial Energy, which could be regarded as the maximum might he could exhibit at the seventh layer.

He originally thought that even against an eighth layer cultivator, he would be able to stood his ground. However, he never anticipated that the might of this skill would be so formidable that under its oppression his third uncle wouldn’t even be able to dodge and instead would be forced to stake his all. Furthermore, even after staking his all, he would be blasted away without being able to resist at all.

The seventh layer and battle skill actually blasted away an eighth layer cultivator. Furthermore, from He Quanyi’s pale complexion, it was clear that he’d suffered an internal injury. Such sort of result was truly a bit too terrifying.

All the visions once again concentrated on He Yiming. Even his own father, He Quanming, was astonished.

His move’s might, although may not able to frighten heavens and tremble earth, it was enough for everybody to raise their evaluation of him to another height.