Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 28 - Change Of Position

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He Wude silently went into his courtyard. The second generation and the third generation’s He Yitian and He Yiming followed him in.

Everyone preserved silence. He Yiming was quite apprehensive inwardly as he whined to himself, ‘I’ve already heeded you, old man’s, words. Don’t tell me you won’t settle on anything less than me suddenly exhibiting eighth layer Internal Energy and absolutely crushing the eldest brother….’

While his imagination was running rampant, He Wude made himself comfortable on the host seat and said:

“Yiming, you broke through the sixth layer?”

He Yiming slightly started before cursing inwardly, ‘Were you not the one who asked me to show a bit of my true skill? What are you again asking for?’ His thoughts stirred, and he suddenly had an idea, ‘Don’t tell he hadn’t seen through my depths at all?’

Several gazes instantly converged on He Yiming. The latter awkwardly laughed and said:

“Grandfather, your grandson has truly attained the seventh layer Internal Energy.”

He Wude sighed before his eyes gleamed as he suddenly stood up from his seat, arrived before He Yiming, and extended his palm.

After a slight hesitation, He Yiming, circulating the Primordial Energy to the seventh layer, met it with his own palm.

After a brief contact, both sides restrained their Internal Energy. He Wude’s face immediately revealed an extremely content smile, and the last shreds of the doubt in the minds of the rest also dissolved away.

He Quanyi spoke in a clear voice: “Father, how did you find out that He Yiming had broken through?”

The rest all nodded. If the old man hadn’t already discerned that He Yiming broke through, how could he have asked latter to show his true skill.

He Wude’s face was slightly red. When did he discern that He Yiming had broken through? He’d only shouted that line because he himself wanted to take a look at how ferocious a Xiantian scripture could be.

However, he didn’t expect that instead of using the Splitting Mountain Thirty SIx Forms, He Yiming would give him an even bigger surprise.

Seventh layer Internal Energy. It was actually the seventh layer of Internal Energy. For a child, who was barely fourteen, to possess the seventh layer Internal Energy, especially in a minor influential family such as theirs, was as rare as founding feathers of phoenix or horns of unicorn. Suddenly, a thought, which he didn’t dare believe, appeared in his mind for an instant, ‘Don’t tell me the heavens have truly taken pity on my old self, allowing me to return in this lifetime.’

He sighed before he suddenly felt heated gazes of his descendants. He moderated his expression before saying, “How did this old man find out? This old man found out with the his ample experience. Listen up you people, you should be attentive in every case. Only after experiencing many many things could your eyes be as sharp as lightning.”

He Quanxin and the rest simultaneously sounded their agreements in respectful voices and treated the teachings of the Lord Master as just and profound. But He Yiming was doubtful, ‘If the old man could truly see through, how could he not know that my Internal Energy has already reached the eighth layer?’

However, even if he had twice as much courage, he wouldn’t dare ask.

He Quanyi suddenly asked: “Yiming, when did you break through?”

The several gazes immediately shifted over. As they thought about how, just a year ago, He Yiming had attained the sixth layer, and in less than another year, he was already at the seventh layer, they couldn’t help but feel that this speed was a bit too horrifying. To say the least, before today, they didn’t know that anyone could even accomplish such a thing.

Although He Wude, on surface, didn’t seem to be battling an eyelid, in truth, his eyes and ears were increasingly sharpening up. He was not willing to miss a single detail about this grandson of his. He too was extremely wishful to know about the latter’s cultivation speed.

He Yiming said while scratching his head: “My breakthrough wasn’t long ago, not long ago at all.”

Inwardly he supplemented, ‘Not long ago, just half a year.” He overlooked that he’d made another breakthrough after another half a year, though.

Everybody nodded one after another, not doubting He Yiming’s words at all.

For them, attaining the seventh layer from the sixth layer within a single year was already astonishing. As for attaining the seventh layer in half a year, that was just too far away from their imagination. It was something incomprehensible to them.

He Quanming stepped forward and lightly patted his son on shoulder, with his eyes full of arrogance. However, calming down after a short while, he curiously asked:

“Yiming, how did overcome the bottleneck of the sixth layer?”

He Yiming seemed to be seriously thinking before he shrugged and said: “I don’t know.”

Everyone sighed inwardly. He Yiming’s luck was indeed not bad. The difficulty of passing the bottleneck varied from person to person. Some, like He Yiming, were able to indescribably pass through. However, a lot more found themselves stuck at this step and remained stuck for their entire life.

He Quanming’s brows slightly creased as he asked:

“What you used just now was the Rolling Boulder Fist, yes?”


“In my opinion, your employment of Rolling Boulder Fist has already attained the peak realm since you can use it as per your wish. What’s this about?” He Quanming asked in a puzzled manner.

He Yiming heart sank. This was indeed flawed. Under the several heated gazes on him, he pondered for a bit, then bluntly said:

“I also don’t know what’s going on. I learned this fist technique in a single go.”

He Quanming’s vision suddenly turned queer as he asked:

“Learned in a single go? You suddenly grasped the true essence and attained the peak of the battle skill of this layer?”

“Yes”, He Yiming forced the words out. Since anything he said wouldn’t make much sense anyway, he decided to let out a bit of truth.

Everybody looked at each other’s faces. If not for a living example in front of their eyes, they would never have believed such a thing.

After quite a while, He Wude said with a deep sigh:

“Yiming’s body composition particularly conforms to the metal type techniques. Whether it’s cultivation techniques or battle skills, it holds true in either case. Such a talent emerging in our He family is nothing but our ancestor’s blessings.”

Subsequently, upon thinking about He Yiming’s performance nine years ago, their final shreds of doubts were resolved.

Nine years ago, before hitting the bottleneck of the fifth layer while cultivating the Primordial Energy, He Yiming had seemed to be riding on the wind as he improved at a lightning fast speed. Even He Yitian, in his childhood, was far inferior to the former.

He Yiming remained stuck at the bottleneck of the fifth layer for several years, but it instead seemed to have tempered him. Therefore, once he broke through, as if finally setting about after a rigorous preparation, he was currently unstoppable.

He Quanxin faintly nodded and said, “Good. Seventh layer Internal Energy and seventh layer’s peak battle skill. Our He family’s third generation now has another seventh layer cultivator.”

He Quanming’s brows slightly rose up as he said:

“Three months ago, Xu family’s Xu fourth broke through the eighth layer and attained the ninth layer. During this time period, Xu family have been extremely haughty. I wonder what would be their reaction upon hearing about He Yiming.”

He Wude coarsely laughed and said, “Quanming, you need not worry. The Xu-fourth, Xu Right, has attained the ninth layer after the age of forty. If he doesn’t come across a heaven defying fortune in his life, he won’t be able to improve further at all.”, He glanced at He Quanxin before continuing, “Your eldest brother although is not young, he has already been at the ninth layer for several years. Perhaps in another ten years, he will have an opportunity to break through. Once our He family produces another tenth layer cultivator, in the overall scene of Tai Cang county, Xu family and Cheng family would no longer have the qualifications to challenge our He family.”

The Lord Master’s voice was brimming with joy. He family’s current situation was indeed due to his many years of hard work. During the course of events, he naturally had some scuffles with the local tyrant namely the Xu family and Cheng family. Although, currently, these matters had diluted for the most part and He family estate had firmly found its footing in the Tai Cang county, during the initial years, Xu family and Cheng family did try to completely press the He family down. Therefore, now, He Wude definitely wouldn’t be courteous.

Everyone sounded their agreements, with their eyes having a trace of anticipation and heartfelt joy.

Suddenly, a sound of bell rang in the estate. He Wude raised his head and thought for a bit before saying:

“Yiming’s matter, for the time being, need not be disclosed.”

He Quanxin and the rest started for a moment, but not daring to question the Lord Master’s words, they helplessly sounded their agreements in a low voices.

He Wude stood up while saying:

“It’s already dark. We will go to dinner.”

Under He Wude’s guidance, they arrived in the main hall.

The rules in the He family were quite strict. Even the wives of He Quanxin and his two brothers were not allowed to sit together. Even the opportunities every year to meet the children, after they turned five years old, were not much either.

This all was done to improve their self-disciplinary capabilities. Not allowing them to meet their parents frequently, allowed them to walk much farther on the path of cultivation.

He Wude made himself comfortable on his seat before the rest sat down on their seats.

They awaited the Lord Father to pick up his chopsticks. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare eat even if they happened to be hungry.

To the surprise of everybody, He Wude didn’t begin like he did usually. He swept his gaze through the people before saying: “Yiming, come here.”

He Yiming stood up from his seat and arrived before his grandfather, “Grandfather, what are your instructions?”

He Wude faintly smiled, turned his head, and nodded once towards He Quanyi. The latter, tacitly understanding, ordered a servant to place another seat.

The faces of everyone immediately turned different shades.

Originally, there were only five principal seats. Apart from the Lord Master himself, there was only the second generation and the third generation’s He Yitian.

Even the rest two members of the third generation who had attained the sixth layer, He Yihai and He Yixuan, didn’t have the qualifications for this seat.

However, looking at He Wude’s such an attitude, even an idiot could understand the intent.

He Wude pointed towards the seat and said: “Yiming, from today, this is your seat….”

After being surprised for a short while, He Yiming absent-mindedly sat down under the vision of everybody.

The vision on him had astonishment and awe, joy and excitement, but, unavoidably, also some envy and frustration.

Especially He Yizhang, the sense of loss in his eyes was clearly visible.

Focussing back on himself, He Yiming couldn’t describe what he was feeling. However, he was certain of one thing.The difference between him and Yizhang would only continue to grow, and their paths would also never cross again in this life…..