Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 23 - Advancement Once Again

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Tai Cang county’s winter; crisp, fresh, and moist air.

At the dawn, in the He family estate’s back courtyard, howls of the training of the third generation echoed as usual.

In a corner of the manor, along the third generation’s residential yard, a gate silently opened. A figure flashed like a demon before it could be seen standing in the middle of the yard.

He Yiming’s head was raised and vision towards the sky. He exhaled a deep sigh, which created a white mist in the morning air.

Five months had already passed since he’d killed Hubin. In these five months, He Yiming didn’t step outside even once and remained in seclusion.

Of course, he was far from the realm of being able to not eat food. But the servants would timely take care of his need.

This was the biggest advantage for the children of influential families as they cultivated. In poor households, things couldn’t be easy and carefree as such.

Cultivation of these five months had allowed He Yiming’s strength to advance by leaps and bounds. Once again, he’d attained the peak of the seventh layer and the corresponding bottleneck.

If this kind of speed were to be known outside, it would be absolutely incredible and inconceivable. But after making breakthrough after breakthrough, He Yiming was currently numb to these so-called miracles. Therefore, when he attained this realm, he didn’t lose his head from fear like the last time and calmly accepted it.

Of course, due to being habitual since the beginning, he didn’t tell this news to anyone; not even his own parents.

In these five months, He Yiming’s maximum gain was not just limited to Internal Energy. The Splitting Mountain Thirty Six forms gave him the biggest surprise.

This technique was not just limited to palm. In the scripture, it was clearly mentioned that both broadsword and long-axe could be used with the thirty-six six forms.

He Yiming experimented this fact in his room and wasn’t disappointed by the results. This technique truly could be used with both bare hands and weapons. It was clearly mentioned in the scripture that in battle, using the heavy-axe would allow one to sweep away everything in his way and the might one could exhibit would be the maximum.

But as soon as He Yiming thought about the weight of the heavy-axe and the Internal Energy consumption, he automatically ignored these words.

During this time, the thing he practiced the most was to assimilate the already learned six forms into the palm and sword techniques. This step couldn’t be accomplished just by building a cart behind closed doors. If one doesn’t have a considerable battle experience and doesn’t repeatedly cultivates, some problems would unavoidably crop up.

However, indescribably, He Yiming was able to do it. He was able to assimilate the six forms into his battle skills and Internal Energy. This process was not complicated, and just like before, it seemed as smooth as the forming of a canal along with the flow of a river.

The process being so smooth even caused He Yiming himself to be at a loss. However, with the nerves that had already turned numb, he was not too astonished by it and approved his success as proper and expected.

After all, for a youngster who’d crossed two bottlenecks in one year, what other miracles of cultivation could possibly be astonishing?

Having the last time’s experience with him, as soon as he hit the bottleneck, he immediately left his room and headed to the Book Pavilion.

Upon hearing the shouts of the morning training en-route, he felt quite emotional. Within less than a year, from a child, who was at the fifth-layer and went to the backyard to participate in morning training every day, he had turned into a cultivator who was almost touching the realm of the eighth layer. It was truly an unimaginable, dream-like fantasy.

He moderated his frame of mind and circumvented the backyard.

Every time he entered this big courtyard, he could sense two spear-like gazes pointing at him. These obviously belonged to his eldest uncle and the old servant who lived here.

But their duty was to guard the Book Pavilion, not to hinder the third-generation members who’d attained the sixth layer from entering or exiting. He Yiming was extremely glad due to this fact.

He familiarly entered the Book Pavilion, closed his eyes, randomly walked to a bookshelf, and took out a scripture.

After opening his eyes, he first checked out the bookshelf before he started and forced out a smile. He’d actually selected an earth-type bookshelf. Faintly shaking his head, he opened the scripture in his hand, and his smile turned increasingly bitter.

Breath Control technique: Earth-type supplementary Internal Energy scripture.

This technique was hardly different than the turtle breath-technique. Both were supplementary techniques that controlled body functions and imitated the animal hibernation.

It was comparable to the wood-type supplementary technique, the Skin Tightening technique, he’d chosen the last time. This type of techniques didn’t provide too much assistance regarding the Internal Energy, but could come handy in some special situations. For the majority of cultivators, this type of techniques were like chicken ribs.

But since he’d already made the selection, he satisfied himself with whatever he’d obtained. Anyway, his aim was not to cultivate a new primary Internal Energy technique but to cultivate a new technique so that he could break through the bottleneck.

He hurriedly copied down the Breath Control technique. After some hesitation, he copied down the content related to the eighth layer of the Rolling Boulder Fist and the Silk Palm as well.

If he’d not computed wrong, these two techniques would come in handy very soon.

After copying and quickly sorting out everything, He Yiming hurriedly left. He didn’t go to pay his respects to his eldest uncle He Quanxin. If he allowed his eldest uncle, that old man, to take a look at the technique he’d in his bosom, he would instead be provoking a scolding.

He Yiming immediately relaxed after he arrived in his room.

He took out the Breath Control Technique’s scripture and began to meticulously think over the meaning of its contents. Currently, He Yiming was a seventh-layer cultivator; unconditionally the top figure in the He family’s younger generation.

Breath Control Technique was merely an earth-type supplementary technique that could be cultivated as long as one’s Internal Energy had attained the fifth layer. Thus, it posed even much less of a problem for He Yiming.

After half an hour, he’d firmly memorized all the contents. Subsequently, he set aside the scripture and circulated the course of the technique.

Despite cultivating such a technique for the first time, his heart was brimming with confidence. And he wasn’t disappointed either. Within just half an hour, he’d completely mastered this supplementary technique.

According to the requirements of employing the Breath Control technique, He Yiming completely severed his breathing, and even his body turned cold.

If He Wude could see He Yiming’s speed while cultivating this technique, he would certainly be astonished. The latter had accomplished the peak of this technique in merely half an hour. Once he used this technique while exerting all of his efforts, be it the transformation of breath, or pulse, or skin …etc, he could attain an extremely high standard. Even He Wude himself could only accomplish this much.

However, He Yiming’s thoughts were not focused on this technique. After successfully cultivating this technique, he immediately switched to the cultivation of Primordial Energy. He continuously accumulated the Internal Energy at the peak of the seventh layer and abruptly attacked the eighth layer’s meridians after all of the Internal Energy had been accumulated.

Just like water drops pierce through a rock, that seemingly unbreakable bottleneck eventually produced a minute opening.

This opening was extremely minute, only allowing extremely fine threads of Internal Energy to pass through.

However, an ant hole causes the collapse of a great dike.

With the appearance of this hole, the gigantic amount of Internal Energy, which had been accumulated at the juncture of the eighth layer, found itself an outlet. Through this opening, the Internal Energy entered the new meridians in an endless succession, while under the constant assault of Internal Energy, the opening also became increasingly bigger.

Eventually, the Internal Energy, that was accumulated to the extreme, discharged through the opening in an earth-shattering manner, sweeping away all the hindrance.

Endlessly flowing through the channels of the eighth layer, that enormous of amount of Internal Energy seemed to howl its victory.

His body was trembling as he silently felt the meridians inside his body faintly shuddering. Even his figure was shuddering with a certain frequency in accordance with the former one.

His heart was brimming with a joy which originates from one’s inner being after being promoted to a higher level.

Eighth layer. He’d so easily: crossed over the bottleneck of the seventh layer, surpassed the third generation’s number one figure He Yitian, and attained the realm equal to that of his father and second uncle.

Although He Yiming had just attained the eighth layer, he’d confidence that in an impartial confrontation against his father or third uncle, the ultimate winner would be him.

This was because, in addition, he’d an exotic battle skill: Splitting Moutain Thirty Six Forms.

The might of this battle skill was no trivial matter. It was far incomparable to an ordinary battle skill. He Yiming had a feeling that as long as he used this battle skill, he could even contend against someone at a higher level than him. As for an opponent of the same level, as long as the latter didn’t possess a battle skill that was comparable to his, He Yiming would be absolutely unrivaled.

Likewise, he employed water-type Ripple technique. This time, the process went, even more, smoothly, and he attained the eighth level of the Ripple technique as if it was to be expected and natural.

Subsequently, He Yiming stood up and cultivated, the Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm corresponding to the eighth layer and the seventh and eighth form of the Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms, a few times.

With an effort worth a single day, he’d cultivated all the scriptures he needed to cultivate. Such a cultivation speed once again deeply moved him even though he’d grown accustomed to such things.