Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 19 - Dead Man's Rewards

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The formidable strength instantly penetrated through He Yiming’s every defense and slashed at him like a sharp blade.

At this instant, He Yiming’s awareness rose to the extreme. He actually felt as if he was brushing against the death. He felt so unbelievably close to that obscure, murky, and frightening aura.

His opponent’s palms could transmit such a formidable strength; such a thing was absolutely beyond He Yiming’s understanding of Internal Energy and battle skills.

At this instant, He Yiming’s body suddenly stirred on its own.

Suddenly both of his fists opened up and huge amounts of Internal Energy began to flow in reverse. Unexpectedly, at this moment of life and death, his metal type Internal Energy, which could penetrate any stronghold, switched to the water type Internal energy, which was endless, soft, yet hard.

Likewise, water-type Internal Energy rushed into his palms, and the incomparably strong Rolling Boulder Fist instantly transformed into soft and gentle Silk Palm.

The positions of offense and defense reversed in a split second. However, the difficulty of reversal was much higher for He Yiming.

Despite being on the defense from the beginning, the technique used by Hubin was, in fact, a certain metal-type technique. However, with his abundant experience, even when he used a metal type technique, it seemed soft, gentle, and devoid of strength.

However, after steeling his mind to clash head-on, he was able to instantly switch to the most powerful battle skill of the same type.

However, He Yiming was different. He’d already employed the metal-type battle skill Rolling Boulder Fist to the sixth layer’s peak. The difficulty he’d to face while switching both metal type Internal Energy and metal type battle skill to water type Internal Energy and water type battle skill absolutely couldn’t be compared to the difficulty faced by Hubin while switching battle skills of the same type.

However, not only He Yiming accomplished it, he accomplished it in an extremely smooth manner, just as a canal forms wherever water flows.

Hubin’s heart sank. When he’d decided to put everything on his ultimate move, he’d done it with the intention of getting an outcome where both sides would suffer injuries. The strength of his battle skill was matchless, and he was certain of success. As long as he could seriously injure the youngster in front of him, with his abundant battle experience, he could definitely take care of the former within a short duration.

However, regardless of whatever his backup plan was, he never expected the outcome. His opponent was clearly using the number one metal type battle skill in terms of assault, however, the instant latter’s fists turned into open palms, his battle skill also turned into water type Silm Palm. Furthermore, the Internal Energy behind the Silk Palm was even more out of his expectations……..

He Yiming’s figure retreated like an ape and neutralized that strong impulse in just a few steps. Suddenly, an intense flush emerged on his face; a deep crimson color which corresponded to someone intoxicated with wine. At the same time, an unprecedented powerful aura erupted out of his body. At this moment, the youngster, as if an incarnation of a demon god from the nine hells, raised both of his fists high, and again surged forward while his entire body emitted a kind of unstoppable vehement aura.

Within an instant, the might of the metal-type Primordial Energy’s seventh layer and the might of the metal-type Rolling Boulder Fist combined together and exhibited the might of the metal type techniques to the maximum possible extreme.

This also was the strongest move He Yiming had issued to this date. It was far stronger than any of the moves he’d issued while consciously training in his room.

At such a crucial life- or-death moment in the fight, his body’s potential was completely aroused, and it perfectly exhibited this move to the finest detail. His entire being, as if a canonball yet also like a gigantic mountain peak, rushed towards his opponent.

Hubin immediately had an immense change in his complexion.While confronting such a strong imposing manner, Hubin had a feeling as if he would neither be able to dodge nor avoid. He felt as if some power had confined his body’s surroundings. Furthermore, he also felt that even if he could escape to the world’s end, he would still be chased down.

This person was, after all, an individual who’d killed countless people. Such circumstances, on the contrary, aroused the vicious nature that was concealed inside his body. He suddenly roared and once again raised his hands high up in the air. His originally swelled hands seemed even bigger.


As if the collision of two gigantic iron plates, at the time of the collision of both side’s palms, a sound echoed which seemed as if a rock and metal had struck against each other. It seemed as if the palms of these two individuals were not actually made of flesh, rather had become a steel-like existence.

The two forces exploded at the point of the collision, and He Yiming’s figure was blasted away upside down. Surprisingly, his strike, which was brimming with power, couldn’t completely suppress the opponent in terms of strength.

The powerful force issued by Hubin’s palm had stepped beyond He Yiming’s understanding. The might produced by a battle skill which corresponded to the peak of the fifth layer could actually cause him and his body suffer so much.

However, while being in air, He Yiming again changed his Internal Energy from metal-type to water-type. The strong self-healing capabilities of water type Internal Energy could be seen at this moment. The strong impact he’d received and his slightly suffering five viscera and six bowels immediately improved a lot.

He stretched out his legs and severely stepped on a tree, before managing to fall down. He staggered for a short while and eventually steadied himself.

Raising his vision, he saw that Hubin’s complexion had turned a faint shade of grey like that of death. Latter’s face shuddered for a long time, before his legs went soft and he slumped on the ground:

“Seventh layer…..seventh layer….”

He Yiming took a deep breath:

“That’s right. Seventh layer Primordial Energy and seventh layer Rolling Boulder Fist.”

Hubin’s face turned increasingly ugly as he forced a bitter laugh:

“Seventh layer, you have actually trained to the seventh layer. The reputation of influential family’s children is indeed well-deserved.” His tone was getting increasingly low, and his body was on the verge of collapse. The bitterness in his eyes had turned into despair. He opened his mouth as if wishing to say something, but no words came out in the end. His eyes turned dim and his body collapsed, before it loudly fell on the ground.

After a bit of hesitation, He Yiming advanced a few steps. He’d already tasted this man’s cunningness many times, he would obviously not be fooled again. He picked up a stone and resolutely threw at Hubin’s face. He’d not used his full strength this time, but the moment it struck Hubin’s right eye, the eye immediately exploded and exposed a black hole along with blood splashing in every direction.

Hubin still didn’t budge as if he hadn’t felt it all.

He Yiming’s mouth slightly twitched as he resisted the nausea. He advanced forward and checked, before making certain that Hubin had truly died.

Once he’d made certain that Hubin had died, he could no longer repress his negative emotions. He retreated a few steps, arrived beneath a big tree, and suddenly emptied out the insides of his stomach, which seemed like flooding rivers and rummaging oceans.

Not only he emptied out everything he’d eaten, even his digestive fluids were thoroughly emptied out until his intestines and stomach slowly calmed down.

As He Yiming turned his head and looked at the corpse, he felt his blood going cold.

When he was confronting a living person, although he was somewhat afraid, once he exchanged blows, all of his apprehensions immediately dissipated away. However, his legs slightly shivered after the person died at this hands.

After hesitating for a long time, he eventually went forward and arrived beside the corpse. He cautiously reached out with his hand and began to search the body.

He didn’t know why would he suddenly thought about such a thing, but once his thoughts turned in this direction, he couldn’t stop his body from complying.

After a short while, He Yiming had taken out some things. Included among these were two gold coins and ten taels of loose silver. This was excellent stuff. Although one might have some misgivings about making riches off killing people, He Yiming had no hesitation submitting to greed.

Although He family was one of the top families in the Tai Cang county, He Yiming was, after all, only thirteen years old. His monthly allowance was merely three taels of loose silver. If he exchanged these two gold coins to silver, he would obtain at least two hundred taels, which would be the combined sum of his five-six years of allowance.

As he was collecting these things, he was suddenly astonished as he pulled out a thin book.

He didn’t know what type of material was used to make this book. It actually gave off a jade like feeling in his hands. He was absolutely certain that this was not ordinary paper.

He gently opened the book, and his eyes suddenly shined.

Surprisingly, just this book’s first page was illustrating a posture, and He Yiming had an extremely profound impression of this posture.

This was the exact posture which had allowed Hubin to exhibit an inconceivable might just a moment ago.

He Yiming’s heart instantly jumped. He flipped to the title page. At the top of the page were clear words:

Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms.

He Yiming’s thoughts were immediately flooded with ecstasy. He was far more ecstatic compared to when he’d found two gold coins.

Hubin was only a fifth layer cultivator. However, upon using this skill, the might he exhibited was actually far above the might of another battle skill corresponding to the sixth layer’s peak. If it had been him instead, how strong would it be?

The difficulty he’d been feeling in presence of the corpse immediately disappeared. For a moment, He Yiming’s emotions surged, and he almost felt like loudly shouting.

However, at this moment, his vision tensed and both ears faintly moved. His complexion slightly changed as he stored the frightening battle skill in his bosom and filled Hubin’s pockets with the remaining stuff.