Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 10 - Metal And Water Type Battle Skills

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Rolling Stone Fist: Metal type battle skill scripture.

This was the first Martial Skill Scripture He Yiming found in the Book Pavilion.

The bookshelf in front of his eyes had metal related techniques, supplementary techniques, and battle skills. Even the Primordial Energy, which he’d cultivated for eight years, was included among these.

Although the bookshelf was very big, it did not have many scriptures; only adding up to an insignificant number of twelve after combining all the scriptures. Of course, regarding an ordinary individual, it would be an amazing feat even if one could master half of these in one’s entire lifetime.

He Yiming rummaged through these for half a day. Although he was extremely curious about all of these scriptures, he still had the words, that his eldest uncle said before leaving, in his mind:

Don’t be avaricious and insatiable.

After cultivating Internal Energy for half of his life, He Yiming was extremely clear on the principle of biting off more than one can chew. Therefore, after comparison, he selected his first battle skill scripture.

Rolling Boulder Fist was a special fist skill that delivered strikes with might like that of a rolling boulder, with the use of metal-type Internal Energy. The might it produced was not too strong, however, it had a special property.

Its might increased along with the time of use.

Of course, it had extremely high Internal Energy consumption rate and toughness requirements. An ordinary sixth level cultivator will not select this skill, because, he wouldn’t be able to sustain the Internal Energy requirements for prolonged time periods.

However, He Yiming’s situation was rather different. He was not just a sixth layer Internal Energy expert in the metal type, in addition, he had attained the sixth layer in a water type technique as well.

Water-type technique’s main feature was precisely an inexhaustible amount of Internal Energy, furthermore, the toughness obtained from water-type technique was the most formidable amongst all the attributes.

Although Rolling Boulder Technique was a metal type technique, He Yiming’s Internal Energy contained a water type technique’s sixth layer as well, thus, it naturally possessed the characteristics of that water-type technique.

Under the collaboration of these two things, Yiming would be able to bring forth the most formidable might of the Rolling Boulder Fist.

Therefore, after He Yiming had read the introduction of Rolling Boulder Fist, he almost felt as if this Martial Skill Scripture had been created with his condition being in the mind of this skill’s creator. Thus, he selected this technique without the slightest hesitation.

At the center of the main hall was a big table, with a lot of special papers on it.

The younger generation of He family, after selecting a scripture, cannot leave the Book Pavilion with their selected scripture. They could only make copies of the pictures and script it contained.

Yesterday, the Ripple technique that his brother gave him, was also a copy that Yixuan made with a brush.

By the lamp, which cannot be regarded as too bright, Ye Ming slowly copied down all the contents of the Scripture; especially the diagrams, he accurately traced them down to perfection.

Of course, he didn’t copy down the entire scripture. He only copied that content of the Scripture which was for the sixth layer cultivators. In any case, as a child of He family, he’d the privilege to enter the Book Pavilion at any time. Therefore, as soon as he advanced to the seventh layer, he could just come here again to make further copies. On the other hand, if by any chance he was instead unable to control himself and tried to learn the higher levels of the battle skill, that won’t really be a good thing for him.

After he finished copying down the contents of the scripture, he carefully placed it back to its original position and waited for ink on the papers to dry.

Suddenly, He Yiming’s vision shifted to a bookshelf towards his lateral side.

He hesitated and checked the time. As he saw that it wasn’t even midnight yet, his thoughts began to stir up.

Others thought that he’d only cultivated the Primordial Energy up to the sixth level, however, they were completely unaware that he’d also cultivated the Ripple technique to the sixth layer.

This being the case, should he cultivate a water-type battle skill at the same time?

After seriously considering it for a while, He Yiming decided that this was not being avaricious and insatiable at all.

He slowly arrived in front of the bookshelf labeled as ‘water’ and began his search.

The scriptures here clearly surpassed the metal-type scriptures by a vast number. Surprisingly, this bookshelf had more than thirty scriptures, which was about twice as much as the metal-type scriptures.

He immediately realized that the number of people cultivating in water-type scriptures had to exceed the number of people cultivating in metal-type scriptures by a huge amount, thus, causing their respective number of the scriptures differ by a large number.

This point was not just determined by the respective number of the scriptures in the Book Pavilion. Even when taking the younger generation of the He family into consideration, He Yiming was the only one who cultivated in a metal-type technique.

Comparatively, both in terms of selection and accomplishments, water-type techniques were far ahead of metal-type techniques .

Since the number of the scriptures on this shelf were comparatively more, He Yiming flipped through them at a much quicker pace. Eventually, after about an hour, he had a single scripture in his hand.

Silk Palm, water-type battle skill scripture.

According to He Yiming’s knowledge, Silk Palm was a common and mass-oriented battle skill scripture. Although he’d not ventured past ten miles outside the estate, he’d heard his father and uncles discussing some affairs of the outside world.

From there, he knew that, basically, all the water-type cultivators of the outside world would master Silk Palm.

Silk Palm was the simplest and most basic battle skill among the water-type battle skill techniques. One could cultivate in it as long as one’s Internal Energy had attained the fourth layer. Such a low cultivation threshold was one of the best among all the battle skills.

Perhaps this was the reason that Silk Palm was one of the most widespread battle skill. Since it was simple and practical, the increase of its might was proportional to the breakthroughs in the Internal Energy. This was not a fancy battle skill; as long as one continued to strive, this skill could certainly become the best supplementary battle skill for a cultivator.

Especially for He Yiming, who’d steeled his mind on cultivating a metal-type battle skill as his primary battle skill, choosing a water type-battle skill as a supplementary battle skill was the most suitable choice.

Having decided on this point, He Yiming immediately placed the scripture of Silk Palm on the table and began to make copies.

By the dawn, he’d already copied down all the contents from its fourth layer to its sixth layer. Subsequently, after sorting out all of his noted down content and making sure that he’d not missed anything, he pushed the door open and walked out.

Outside the door, missing a night’s sleep, He Quanxin was waiting for him.

He hadn’t interfered in He Yiming’s selection process at all. After attaining the sixth layer of the Internal Energy, one has the capability to grow by himself and could choose what to cultivate according to his own interests. However, He Quanxin had placed huge expectations on He Yiming, thus, he was quite concerned about latter’s choice.

“Yiming, what did you choose?”

“Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm.” He Yiming said without concealing anything.

Upon hearing He Yiming’s selection, He Quanxin’s brows slightly creased, and he said:

“Yiming, right now, you should focus on your cultivation of Internal Energy. Battle skills may increase your strength by a huge amount, however, keep in mind, Internal Energy is the cornerstone of all types of cultivations. In this time phase, when you can advance your Internal Energy at so much faster rate, you’d better concentrate most of your energy on the Internal Energy.” After pausing once, he continued:

“Although your second brother, Yihai, and your third brother, Yixuan, are also cultivating two battle skill simultaneously, however, their potential is much inferior to yours in terms of Internal Energy growth.”

He Yiming immediately bowed his head and received his uncle’s instructions, but at the same time, he also said:

“Eldest Uncle, this nephew has not copied much, just the contents of the sixth layer of the two scriptures.”

Consequently, He Quanxin’s face slowly relaxed, as this implied that He Yiming was nevertheless aware of prioritizing the important matters first.

After saying goodbye to He Quanxin and leaving the Book Pavilion, He Yiming habitually rushed towards the rear court. He’d already been late two days in a row and had no desire to make it three.

He’d barely taken a few steps when he ran into his third uncle He Quanyi along with a pair of his brother and sister, He Yilong and Hi Yitao.

Upon seeing the direction in which was He Yiming was going, He Quanyi cracked a laugh as he said:

“You want to go to the rear court for the morning training?”

“Yes, third uncle.” He Yiming respectfully said.

He Yilong and He Yitao exchanged a glance and smiled. Furthermore, He Yitao shouted:

“Sixth brother, you have already attained the sixth layer, you don’t need to get up early for the morning training.”

He Yiming blanked for an instant, before forcing out a faint smile.

He actually forgot about this matter while making copies in the Book Pavilion for the entire night.

He family rule: Cultivators at the sixth layer or above need not take part in the morning training. This was because if one’s Internal Energy had attained the sixth layer, the benefits of the morning training would be next to nothing, on the other hand, one would be able to gain much more by cultivating just a little in the Internal Energy.

He Quanyi patted He Yiming’s shoulders and said:

“Yiming, you can go at your own pace. I hope to you see you advancing to the seventh layer as soon as possible.”

He Yiming, while subconsciously nodding his head, watched his siblings and third uncle growing distant.

He retracted his vision and looked all around him before suddenly realizing that he’d apparently nowhere to go.

He didn’t require to take part in the morning training he’d been doing since he was five years old, so, where should he go for the next three hours? What should he do?

Currently, his mood was very complex, seeming just like a university-graduate who’d no job. It was a feeling of loss that emerged from one’s heart.

As He Yiming kneaded the notes in his bosom with his fingers, his heart once again burned with passion.

Since he didn’t need to join the morning training, he could begin the cultivation of these two battle skill scriptures. He didn’t know how much these two battle skill scriptures would benefit him, or to what extent his battle strength would be enhanced.

However, He Yiming was convinced, so long as he could cultivate in any one of these two battle skills, the day he ran into that fox big bear again, would be the day of that big guy’s extinction.