Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 9 - Book Pavilion

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The color of the sky had darkened by the time meal was finished.

He Yiming left for the Book Pavilion along with his eldest uncle. Although He Yixuan and several of his other siblings wanted to congratulate him, just one glare from He Quanyi, and all of them scattered away like birds, without showing the slightest amount of loyalty to their sibling.

In ordinary times, all the matters, of both inside and outside the Estate, were handled by his third uncle. For the members of the third generation, he was a sinister existence. They were far more afraid of him than their grandfather or their eldest uncle. Perhaps only the eldest grandson of the eldest son, He Yitian, could receive a favorable treatment from him.

The Book Pavilion’s courtyard was the biggest courtyard in the entire He Family Estate. In addition to his eldest uncle guarding it, a special servant of He family lived there as well. This servant’s status was extremely high in the Estate. No one amongst the third generation could order him, though, he had the qualifications to be arrogant because his Internal Energy was at the eighth layer, which was not a single bit less than He Quanyi and He Quanming.

He Quanxin, leading Yiming, directly entered the main hall.

The main hall of this courtyard was different than that of the rest of the courtyards, because, this main hall was the biggest library in the He family estate.

Upon entering, He Quanxin said: “Yiming, sit.”

He Yiming swept his gaze and found himself a chair to sit down, while his vision had already begun to browse through the books in the bookshelves.

“Yiming, first of all, I congratulate you. After me, you, and Yitian, only four more individuals have a chance to attain the sixth layer before the age of fifteen.” He Quanxin earnestly said.

He Yiming’s vision immediately returned from the shining bookshelves surrounding him.

He Quanxin was extremely satisfied with his reaction. He continued:

“Although all the children in He family can begin cultivating the Internal Energy Scriptures at an age of five, I can assure you that although your disparity is not big as of now, however, after twenty years, it will just keep getting bigger. Yitian and you have some hope to attain the highest tenth layer, however, the rest of your siblings, could at most attain the eighth layer in their lives.”

He Yiming mumbled for a short duration, before he probingly asked:

“Eldest uncle, is this related to eldest brother and me advancing to the sixth layer before the age of fifteen?”

“You are not wrong. Although we cultivators have vastly different physiques, the fact is, the golden time to lay down one’s foundation is before fifteen years. Moreover, a strange phenomenon occurs amongst us cultivators, if one is unable to attain the sixth layer before the age of fifteen, then in future, it is exceedingly hard to transcend the eighth layer regardless of the amount of effort one puts in. “

He Quanxin lightly sighed and continued:

“Although your second and third brother were not inferior to you or Yitian in terms of hard word, however, the fact is, they only attained the sixth layer at seventeen-eighteen years. Throughout their life, they can at most hope to attain the same as my second brother and third brother. Basically, they have no hope of attaining the tenth layer.”

He Yiming’s heart turned dark as he thought:

‘No wonder second brother and third brothers were looking at me with weird gazes. Seems like they already knew this matter.’

He Quanxin waved his hand and said:

“Yiming, though, I’ve informed you about this matter, be sure to keep your mouth shut like a jar. Yizhang and the rest of them must not know about this.”

He Yiming was a little stumped but nodded immediately after, as he’d realized his elder uncle’s thoughts:

They need not think about this matter unless they reach the sixth layer.

“Furthermore, now that you have reached the sixth layer, you even more can’t relax for what you seek. After this, the difficulty of advancing every subsequent layer becomes increasingly difficult. If you take this lightly, you will just fade away among the multitudes of people in future.” He Quanxin’s expression suddenly became very strict as he continued:

“Remember: Henceforth, Yitian is your target, and you will strive to surpass him. Currently, you are thirteen, work hard to attain the seventh layer within the next seven years, and if you cannot do it, you need not take a single step outside the Manor.”

He Yiming’s body suddenly shivered. His eldest uncle had always been very gentle with people, and very rarely did his voice turned extremely strict in such a way. But, he was also aware that this was related to his eldest uncle having high expectations of him.

“Quanxin, don’t scare Yiming.” He Wude’s voice came from outside the door.

He Quanxin immediately stood up, opened the door, and welcomed his lord father in. He Wude’s face still had a few traces of his previous smile.

He first allowed He Quanxin and He Yiming to sit down, then said in a remote voice:

“Yiming, the truth is, both you and Yitian are the most talented disciples amongst the third generation, but your luck is better than Yitian’s. You were able to choose the correct path on your very first selection of the Internal Energy Scripture. When you cultivated your Internal Energy up to the third layer within a year and fifth layer within five years, I and your uncles were very pleased and had extremely high expectations of you, thus, what we asked of you was also extremely high. “

He took a deep sigh before continuing:

“In the next few years, the pressure you faced was a bit too much. Although your Internal Energy was cultivated up to the peak of the fifth layer, you were unable to untie the knot in your mind regardless of whatever you tried. For all of this, you should not blame me.”

He Yiming’s complexion slightly changed as he said:

“Grandfather, grandson absolutely doesn’t have such thoughts.”

He Wude smoothened his lips and waved his hands, before saying:

“You have talent and luck. In our He family, we subject such seedlings to the maximum possible pressure. Back then, I was same, your eldest uncle and Yitian were also the same. Furthermore, only after the disciples overcome this pressure will they have some accomplishments in future. Fortunately, even though we all had different fates, we all managed to come through in the end. This can also be regarded as ancestors’ blessings.”

He Yiming only expressed his consent, while in his heart he was secretly sighing:

‘You all have overcome this obstacle on your own, what about me?’

How he overcame this obstacle, even he didn’t know. However, even if he’d twice his courage, he wouldn’t dare breathe a word of it.

He Wude’s expression again turned imposing as he said:

“Yiming, you have been informed about all the things. Your future accomplishments are in your hands. We elders can only provide you a little bit of guidance, however, ultimately, how much you grow depends on your own efforts.”

He suddenly stood up and began to walk away. After reaching the door, he said without turning his head:

“If you or Yitian manage to reach the tenth layer before the age of thirty…….forget about it…everything depends on destiny.”

After finished speaking, He Wude figure’s suddenly disappeared from its position. He Yiming blinked his eyes in astonishment; he had actually no idea how his grandfather left. A master of Internal Energy’s tenth layer was truly nothing like ordinary.

He thought about what did these words of his grandfather actually meant.

He Quanxin followed his father with his eyes. Eventually, he let out a sigh and said:

“Yiming, the limit of the pressure one could bear, somewhat vary from person to person. Since lord father has spoken, in the future, whether you want to strive or not will depend on you.”

He Yiming promptly said in a respectful voice: “Yes, eldest uncle.”

Perhaps because He Quanxin felt that He Yiming had exhaled a sigh of relief after hearing his words, he snorted and said:

“You need not celebrate too early. I will talk with the third brother and let him press you on your cultivation even more. This kind of talent and luck absolutely cannot be wasted.”

He Yiming immediately felt an even bigger headache coming his way. However, he didn’t dare oppose in the slightest.

He Quanxin pointed towards the bookshelves and said:

“Yiming, do you know why the family had established the rule that only after cultivating the Internal Energy up to the sixth layer would you be able to touch Martial Skill Scriptures?”

He Yiming thought for a while and said:

“Eldest uncle, although this nephew felt an increase of strength during the breakthroughs of previous layers, the sixth layer seems rather different. Especially, in terms of Internal Energy’s Promotion, the other layers couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath”

He Quanxin nodded with satisfaction and said:

“Correct. You are clever. All Internal Energy based cultivation techniques have a special trait, that is, the sixth layer is a dividing line. Regardless of one’s aptitude, as long as one strives, he will certainly be able to attain the fifth layer in a few ten years. However, from the beginning of the sixth layer, advancing every layer becomes increasingly difficult. Although your father and third uncle only lack the cultivation of one layer, even if they both join hands, they shouldn’t imagine crossing ten moves with me. Of course, your grandfather has already attained the tenth level, and I won’t be able to cross even three moves with him relying on my cultivation of ninth layer’s peak.”

He Yiming repeatedly nodded. His heart truly had an extreme fascination for his grandfather’s abilities.

He Quanxin suddenly shook his head and said:

“Why am I talking these things with you?”

He Yiming was tongue-tied. He wished to smile but didn’t dare to do so. His entire face seemed weird.

He Quanxin coldly snorted, however, he was not He Quanyi. Although his face seemed sinister enough, he was rather unable to intimidate He Yiming.

He helplessly shook his head and said:

“Internal Energy cultivation at fifth layer or below only have rejuvenating effects on the body. However, after the sixth layer, there is a great increase in the body’s explosive strength. Only after stepping onto this step, one can truly possess the qualifications to use Martial Skills.”

He Yiming immediately nodded:

“I get it. Internal Energy is the basis of every cultivation. If one is unable to attain the sixth layer, then it’s of no value. Only after the sixth layer would one able to display the might of a martial skill.”

He Quanxin’s taut face relaxed a little, and he said:

“You are clever; you haven’t said a single thing wrong. For true cultivators, fifth layer or below doesn’t amount to anything. Cultivating Martial Skills before the sixth layer is just like pulling the sprouts to help them grow. Therefore, the lord father established this rule, so that you all will not be able to practice Martial Skills and distract yourselves as a result.”

He Yiming repeatedly sounded his agreement. Being not allowed to cultivate martial skills below the sixth layer, in other words is also, allowed to cultivate from the sixth level.

His vision once again turned to the bookshelves surrounding him. He began to scan the books with a racing heart.

He Quanxin, who was about to give him a few sentence of advice, shook his head. He knew that whatever he said at this moment would enter the latter’s left ear and would be out of the right one.

“Yiming, after this point, you can flip through the scriptures as you wish. This whole row is of metal type scriptures. I still haven’t finished speaking….all right…. You monkey, do whatever you please, but be careful and don’t be avaricious and insatiable .”