Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 5 - Sixth Layer Breakthrough.

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He Yiming slowly placed down the book in his hands and opened his eyes again. The expressions in his eyes were uncontrollably transforming, and his frame of mind was surging like a boiling liquid.

At this moment, he remembered the days when he’d been cultivating at a lightning fast speed; everybody’s astonished glances, his father’s joyful smiling expression, his elder’s harmonious gazes….

However, after bearing so many expectations, he eventually failed to endure the pressure. Numerous years felt like a day as if the time had stuck in place, causing his body to gradually lose its splendor. His status in the family also began to decline year by year. Although no one specifically pointed it out, it was apparent through some details.

The reason why He Yiming began to practice late night was also in order to alleviate the anger in his heart.

If this situation had continued on, a fight between siblings most probably would have broken out one day. However, fortunately, this Ripple technique had provided him with a new hope.

His eyes, which were shining like stars, slowly closed down, and the surging tides in his mind also quietened down gradually.

At this critical juncture, strangely, He Yiming was completely relaxed.

He himself was not clear on why he could enter such a state of mind. However, he was clear that this state of mind was extremely advantageous for what he was just about to do.

The course of the Ripple technique’s sixth layer quickly emerged in his mind.

Inside his body, his meridians were being flooded with the violently surging Internal Energy. Unwittingly, his Ripple technique had already attained the peak of the fifth layer.

Endless Internal energy in his four limbs and hundreds of bones began to concentrate and slowly converge towards his Dantian while also circulating according to the pre-determined routes of the Ripple technique at the same time. Cycle by cycle, a strong energy was slowly being saved up inside his body.

Surprisingly, tonight, He Yiming felt like attacking that sixth layer which he’d attacked countless times in past without any results.

This time, neither was he cultivating the Primordial Energy which he’d cultivated for full eight years nor was he confident that he’d understood the experiences of his third brother, however, his heart was filled with a determination of only going forward without ever backing down.

For four years, every day and every night, He Yiming had incessantly thought about the juncture of the sixth layer that was right in front of his eyes; he’d already been there for too long.

A large amount of Internal Energy was slowly building up. Right now, Hi Yiming was so calm and steady that he himself was feeling a bit of odd.

At last, as the saved up Internal Energy inside his body reached the peak and also the limit of what he could control in his opinion, the surging Internal Energy rushed towards the sixth layer’s course like the water of a broken dam.

Even though the courses of the Primordial Energy and the Ripple technique were completely different, the difficulty of attaining the sixth layer was more or less the same. Relying on his experiences of attacking the sixth layer ten times, He Yiming’s heart suddenly had a strange feeling that this time’s attack was certainly going to succeed.

Suddenly, a loud sound like a thunderclap echoed inside the mind of He Yiming, and everything suddenly transformed. Within an instant, he found himself in a completely different scenario.

It seemed like he’d returned to the time when he’d touched that bizarre radiance. Countless scenes and images once again flashed in his mind, causing him to once again experience those enormous spectacles that didn’t seem related to a human in the slightest.

Eventually, amidst crackling thunder and flickering lightning as if the world’s final’s day, his spirit returned back to his body.

He Yiming’s body slightly shuddered. The instant his spirit returned back to his body, he sensed an enormous transformation inside his body.

An Internal Energy course had successfully been opened up, moreover, the internal energy flowing inside his body, which seemed like water, was a notch above the previously flowing internal energy. His body seemed to brim with immeasurable strength.

When he opened his eyes, although the moonlight above him had already dissipated, his vision successfully seized the first light ray of the rising sun.

On the training grounds located at the rear side of the estate, the few youngsters were yet again going through the training seeming habitual. Today’s supervisor was once again He Quanyi.

However, his expression didn’t seem too good. Because, He Yiming, after arriving late yesterday, was once again absent today.

As the former looked in a certain direction, his heart was filled with a kind of rage that seemed like ‘hating iron for not becoming steel.’ However, it also had a trace of regret:

‘This good seedling has been destroyed by the pressure from the clan. Is there really no way of redeeming him?’

Suddenly, he saw a figure running towards him at a lightning fast speed. Just in a few jumps, the figure was already in front of him.

His complexion sank as he said:

“Why are you again late today?”

He Yiming mumbled: “Third uncle, yesterday, I switched to the water type Ripple technique and lost the track of time for some duration while cultivating.”

He Quanyi’s expression eased a bit and he said:

“Cultivating like this? Are you feeling some backlash?”

He Yiming shook his head at once and said:

“No. Everything is normal.”

“Ok.” He Quanyi nodded with satisfaction and said:

“Cultivate properly, and when you attain the first layer, notify me as soon as possible.”

After a bit of hesitation, He Yiming nodded slightly but didn’t say anything.

Although in his mind, he very much wanted to inform his third uncle that not only had he already attained the first layer, he’d even reached the sixth layer. However, if he were to tell the truth as it was, he was completely uncertain as to what kind of treatment will he enjoy in the clan.

After all, just a thought of someone cultivating up to the apex of the fifth layer, moreover, even attaining the sixth layer in a single night was enough to frighten anyone to his bones.

He Quanyi waved his hands and said: “All right, join the training.”

He Yiming agreed and entered among his siblings. However, his mind was clearly elsewhere; although he didn’t make any mistakes in the training movements thanks to the practice of many years, his thoughts clearly seemed distracted from the very beginning.

Although He Quanyi did notice this situation, he didn’t mind it at all. This was one of the after effects of changing the cultivation technique. Because, when He Yiming would be able to clear his thoughts, a knot in his heart would be untied.

The morning training was finished soon after. After He Quanyi left, Hi Yiming greeted Hi Yitao and his two sisters, turned around, and immediately left. He didn’t provide He Yizhang and He Yiyu the slightest opportunity to say anything.

As He Yizhang saw He Yiming leaving, a trace of sneer hung on his face, while on the other hand, He Yiyu looked extremely miserable. It seemed like his third brother hated even him; this seemed like an unexpected calamity.

His eyeballs faintly turned as he thought whether he should inform his eldest brother or the second elder brother. The relationship between these two and his sixth elder brother was still pretty good.

He Yiming directly left the estate. As he saw no one was around him, he immediately began to sprint in nimble steps facing the mountains.

The mountains behind the estate lands were not just a few small peaks, rather it was an entrance to a huge mountain range. It had countless treasures, hundreds of spiritual medicines that have been growing for thousands of years, cruel and cunning ferocious beasts, and all other kinds of things that could easily stir the greed in the hearts of people.

However, it also had countless dangers. Apart from true hunters, very rarely would someone dare to enter the mountains.

Since He family estate was located so close to the mountain range, He family entered the range on a regular basis. He Yiming although was only thirteen years old, from the beginning of ten years of age, he’d entered the mountains at least four times every year. Regarding the conditions in the mountains, although he wouldn’t dare to say that he knew them as the back of his hand, as long as he didn’t enter too deep, defending himself won’t be an issue.

Of course, during all the previous times, a member of the second generation was there to lead the third generation as all of the third generation members entered together. However, this time, He Yiming intended to enter the mountains alone.

Although the mountain path was very hard to traverse, in He Yiming’s opinion, it didn’t amount to much.

His internal energy began to channel into the meridians of his leg parts. His steps became much nimble immediately. There were times when just by a soft touch of his feet on the ground, he was able to jump up to several meters.

This was, without a doubt, a basic use of the Internal Energy, and it couldn’t be regarded as a result of the cultivation technique.

According to the rules of the He family, one must have attained the sixth layer in the cultivation of the Internal Energy before he/she could be allowed in the clan’s Secret Scripture Pavilion to look for a suitable martial skill to cultivate. Before this point, one must spend all of his energy in the cultivation of the Internal Energy. This is because the Internal Energy is the basis of all the martial skills; only by possessing a strong Internal Energy would one be able to display the might of a martial skill to its extreme. If the Internal Energy is not strong, even if one possessed the strongest martial skill of the world, it would just be flowery fists and fancy footwork while the cultivator himself would be unable to withstand a single blow.

Of course, under equal levels of the Internal Energy, a high-level martial skill can pull open an enormous difference. However, when one places all of his thoughts on the martial skills, it is bound to make him a bit indifferent towards the Internal Energy cultivation.

The way of finding a path in between these two had indeed been a matter that had caused endless headaches to the cultivators.

He Yiming as of now was not worried about these things at all. He rejoiced as he sprinted on the ground. The realm of the sixth layer was not just a simple gain in his Internal Energy, in addition, it also provided a huge increment for his reaction speed and his self-confidence. At this moment, He Yiming had such a confidence in himself that be believed he could even fight the heavens and earth.

After a short duration of running on the small path that he’d been on many times in past, he entered the Mountain forest.

After arriving at this point, He Yiming wanted to try out his power after cultivating the Ripple technique to the sixth layer. If he’d tried to do it in the village, he might have alerted someone very easily. After all, the old Ancestor, He Wude was a peak expert with the tenth layer of Internal Energy cultivation.

He Yiming knew his limits as well. He didn’t enter the old forest at all, instead, he was lingering at its boundary. He randomly selected a tree with a width that would require three people to fully embrace it and stood in front of it. He calmly sucked in a breath, lifted his hand, and chopped with all his might.

The sixth level ripple, as if a water current, was rushing and transmitting out from the center of his palm. In a split second, he’d issued the most formidable might he could.