Chapter 69 - Ow!.

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“What happened?Just now, I went to toilet” Lu Ping indeed did not have a clue about the current events. He left for a few moments, and upon returning, he saw Wen Yan being sent flying by a fist.

“They were injured by Mo Lin and Su Tang.” Wen Yan explained the situation to Lu Ping concisely.

“Oh, I see. Thank You,” Lu Ping said to her. Subsequently, his vision fell upon the overbearing Daoran.

“Young fellow, we are not looking for you either. Do you know about not meddling in other people’s affairs?” Daoran asked Lu Ping while swinging his fist which was as big as a sand pot. Although he didn’t feel any Soul’s Power coming from the latter’s body, he didn’t lower his guard. He had already heard that among the group that came from mountains, the seemingly ordinary youngster was quite powerful underneath and was quite unorthodox. For him who liked to bully weak and maintain his distance from strong, he had no interest in tangling with a person that held unknown strength.

“This is not other’s affairs.” Lu Ping said while stepping forward. Daoran, who was taller than Lu Ping by about two heads, seemed impatient as he turned his body around and said with a meaningful signal in his eyes, “Take care of him.”

After finished speaking, he stepped aside as if he disdained going against Lu Ping, when in reality, he wanted to probe this youngster with unclear strength first.

Behind his body, the remaining few apart from poisoned and injured students, were but the individuals who loved to show their strength alongside Daoran. They were quite clear on Daoran’s style. Although they knew the latter’s intention, they couldn’t refuse. One looked to another, and the other did the same. Apparently deciding by glances, eventually, one stepped forward.

“Young fellow, you don’t know one should not meddle in other’s business?” Speaking the necessary imposing words, this student advanced towards Lu Ping. However, seeing that his opponent didn’t respond to his words in any way, he could only act. Following the example of Daoran, he swung his fist aiming straight for Lu Ping’s face.

Wen Yan coldly smiled.

This lackey who stepped forward was merely a second grade student. He had not even attained the single-soul-sixth Heavenly layer. He could be this arrogant only by following Daoran. Otherwise, such a realm was not something great in Tian Zhao’s second grade at all.

Such a trash, what would be his conclusion?

Wen Yan’s lively heart was immediately aroused. She was so delighted that she even forgot her own injury. However, the next moment, she immediately cried out.

“Ah!” Crying out, she immediately shifted her body to one side. That damnable Lu Ping caught the other guy’s palm, twisted, and flung that guy towards the tree where she had just crashed.

This should have been revenge for me, no? This guy didn’t saw that I was under this tree?!

As soon as Wen Yan moved aside, two explosions sounded. First was that guy crashing into the tree, and the second was him falling down. Fortunately, she was quick enough. Otherwise, wouldn’t she have been crushed by this guy for no reason?

“Hey, watch out!” She yelled at Lu Ping.

However, no one cared about her yell as everybody blankly stared.

Even though this was a second grade student with an ordinary realm, in their group, no one could throw him out this causally apart from perhaps Daoran.

Many of them revealed fearful expressions in succession. One doesn’t believe his ears but only his eyes when he sees for himself. This guy was reportedly quite ferocious. Ferocious to what extent, they finally experienced. They had no way contending against such a strength! Boss, can you stop your act?

No one dared to move as they looked towards Daoran with their hearts palpitating.

Daoran stood without a word or a movement. Inwardly he was gauging the strength behind this throw. He was a Linked One of Strength’s soul and further possessed an consolidation ability. His grasp on strength was naturally exceedingly precise. Although he couldn’t properly perceive Lu Ping’s Strength soul when he threw that second grade student, by the latter’s collision with tree, he already had a clear estimation of Lu Ping’s strength.

Subsequently, he calmly smiled. His smile was still filled with contempt.

“Just some petty tricks!” He advanced, not intending to trouble his pathetic underlings anymore. His followers felt they had just received amnesty. They immediately moved behind Daoran one after another, and their bearing once again became arrogant.

“I don’t want to waste time on you. Here’s your last opportunity,” Daoran’s words were still overbearing. He liked to warn his opponent like this and especially liked when his opponent rejected his warning then ended up on ground. This kind of feeling was indeed wonderful. It was simply bullying to the extreme.

Lu Ping indeed didn’t heed his warning. However, what caused Daoran to be regretful was that the guy before him was too calm. Even if he had shouted a few lines, like Wen Yan a few moments ago, that would have been quite nice. With such a reactionless attitude, he felt like tangling with a wooden statue.

Daoran’s spirits were greatly reduced, and didn’t feel like wasting times on this guy anymore.

“Get Lost!” Just like before, he waved his palm.

However, Lu Ping raised his hand as well and waved it, intending to grab Doran’s palm.

“Humph!” Daoran sneered. Strong Power, fifteen times strength multiplier, was employed without the slightest restrain, and a strike brimming with strength went straight for Lu Ping’s head. Lu Ping’s arm compared to the gigantic arm of Daoran seemed weak and slender.

You want to resist like this? Break!

Daoran didn’t pay any attention to Lu Ping’s raised arm. He didn’t believe that Lu Ping’s strength would hinder him in the slightest.


As his palm was waving, his wrist was first caught by Lu Ping’s palm, producing a sort of brittle sound.

Did not break?

Doaran hadn’t expected that such a weak arm could take his powerful strike.

However, no matter what, this palm of this. couldn’t be stopped. He continued to wave it. However, it was not able to reach Lu Ping’s head either. Lu Ping bowed his head and dodged the strike, but his right hand’s wrist was firmly locked in latter’s palm. Apparently, Lu Ping was about to throw him away.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!” Daoran again coldly smiled and lifted his arm straight up in air. Compared with almost two meter tall Daoran, Lu Ping’s entire figure seemed petite. As the former lifted his arm, he was also lifted in the air, and Daoran didn’t feel any resistance while lifting his hand either.

“Go die!” He shouted and throwed Lu Ping towards the same tree. However, subsequently, the one to scream was him.


Following this scream, his arm dropped down, and the other hand reflexively moved to support it. His figure stood seemingly strengthless. Suddenly, he bent down and placed both knees on the ground.

“Ow Ow Ow…..Ow Ow Ow Ow!”

Seven yells of ‘ow’ escaped Daora’s mouth in one breath. Because he was indeed in pain. He wished to throw Lu Ping, but then he felt Lu Ping increasing the pressure on his wrist. Subsequently, he felt an unbearable pain coming from his wrist, causing his body to instantly lose all strength.

Daoran knelt. Even though he was kneeling on the ground, his figure still seemed mightier than Lu Ping. His wrist was still in Lu Ping’s palm. That thick and sturdy wrist, Lu Ping could only grab it halfway. However, everybody could clearly see that Lu Ping’s five fingers had already entered the latter’s flesh. Being squeezed at the two ends of the grip, his flesh bulged, resembling two horns.

Daoran’s cries of ‘ow’ were no different than ‘help me’. His underlings behind him were further completely white. Lu Ping, however, still calm and without affected in the slightest, turned his head and asked Wen Yan, “What to do with him?”