Chapter 67 - This Is Floating As Well.

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This moment, Wei Ying truly felt like crying but no tears came.

Within the city master’s twelve Protectors, as far as killing and fighting were concerned, he wouldn’t dare to claim the number one title. However, in terms of trailing and assassinating, if he was number two, then no one would dare call himself number one.

This was his specialty. From the very beginning of his cultivation, he had trained following this direction. He was not a student of some institute who grew under the meticulous care of his teacher. He chose the cultivation according to his own wish. From the beginning of his cultivation, he had always aimed to be an assassin. His fundamental Soul’s Power, Linked Soul’s power, and even the ability after the Linking, all perfectly complemented him to become the number one assassin of the City Master Mansion.

Tian Zhao institute was unlike Xi Feng region. The level of students here was quite high, and many teachers with extraordinary abilities were present here. While infiltrating Tian Zhao, Wei Ying was quite cautious. He then extremely prudently explored before eventually discovering the whereabouts of Lu Ping’s group.

He didn’t dare move too close. While scouting, he heard the terror of a certain drunkard woman. However, the students were too uncertain and imprecise. Thus, he was unable to get a proper hold of this mysterious individual’s depth. He could only be as careful as possible. During whole night, he carefully scouted the tree-filled region surrounding the library. Weighing all advantages and disadvantages, he eventually decided on a tree that conformed to his hiding technique. In his opinion, this position was an absolutely safe spot. Subsequently, before he could rest properly, the morning had already arrived.

Extremely cautious.

Extremely prudent.

The hard work of an entire night.

However, in the end, he was discovered in a single glance.

A casual glance, not unusual or strange in the slightest. Even before he could infer the meaning behind this glance, the woman was already on the move. With an inconceivable speed, she was diagonally rushing towards him.


Without any time to think and courage to fight, Wei Ying turned his body and decided to escape.

His preparations were ample. He looked at the direction from which the woman was coming after him and immediately chose the optimal escape route.

He drifted down the tree. Wen Yan, a Linked One of infusion’s soul who had been looking in his direction, didn’t feel the slightest abnormality.

Body technique: Dropping Leaf.

Wei Ying, from the very first day of his cultivation, had begun to lay his foundation. In the end, he trained in an ability of Strength’s soul.

As if a leaf fallen from a branch, the woods encompassed his figure.

Dropping Leaf. The control required for this technique was not of strength, velocity or agility, but of weight. Wei Ying’s own weight.

This moment, although he was not as light as a leaf, he was not too far off. He drifted through the woods in this manner, making use of trees and branches to conceal his figure.

However, he couldn’t break free from the strong pressure locked onto his body which was coming from the woman chasing behind him. He hadn’t felt this pressure when the woman was still at rest. However, at present, she was not glossing over it in the slightest. Did this pressure emerge because she had begun to use her full strength, or was she deliberately doing it?

However, as far as Wei Ying was concerned, either former or latter, both were detrimental. Both meant that he would not be able to escape from this woman easily.

Inside the institute, the trees were neither big nor small. Wei Ying’s body technique was soft as well as swift. Soon, he could see light coming from the front. This signified the end of the woods. Once he left the woods, he would have no cover.

However, Wei Ying was not tense. He continued to drift along the trees. Borrowing the momentum from branches, he began to jump. Each jump increasingly higher. At the edge of the woods, he stood at the top of a tree.

A deep breath, jump up, and wind-borne!

This moment, Wei Ying had fully employed his Falling Leaf technique. At his moment, he almost resembled a leaf. Sunlight, the direction of the wind, the altitude of the jump, everything had been precisely calculated by him.

This moment, Wei Yang resembled a leaf fluttering along with the wind, and the direction of his drift had already been planned by him. He went past the Tian Zhao institute’s high wall.

The instant he was over the wall, he saw a woman rushing out of the woods. The same woman who had been chasing him all along. They were quite far apart from each other, and the distance between them was still increasing. However, subsequently, Wei Ying saw the woman performing an action. The woman raised the wine bottle in her hand and beautifully took a big gulp.

One would do this kind of action after completing the task. However, the woman didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. She continued to advance while drinking from the bottle in her hand.

Not intending to give up, still pausing to drink wine? What did this signify? This signified absolute confidence!

Chu Min quickly advanced two steps then suddenly jumped up. In mid-air, her body rapidly spun.


Wei Ying, who had been traveling with the help of wind, had an extremely keen perception. He could detect the slightest of the changes in the direction of the wind. With Chu Min’s feet rapidly spinning, he could hear a faint whistling sound followed by a gale.

Wei Ying hurriedly discontinued his body technique. Immediately resuming his weight, he dropped down. In any case, he had already gone past the boundary wall of Tian Zhao. However, as he dropped, he heard an explosion of a whistling sound behind him. Subsequently, he turned around and saw the woman’s figure, which was on the other side of the wall, rising up at a great speed and rushing towards him.

This was floating too.

Wei Ying, by reducing his weight, could let himself be windborne and drift.

Chu Min, however, made winds for herself- strong wind- and directly flew with all her weight.

What power?! What vehemence?!

Madly swirling winds roared. These winds, which could even lift Chu Min’s entire being, had picked up a lot of things. Dried branches, dead leaves, broken rocks, and even some mud on the ground had been engulfed in the winds. All these things, following Chu Min, as if baring their fangs and presenting a warning, rushed past the wall, following Wei Ying.

Wei Ying was running. He had not stopped. He was incessantly running on the ground. In front of Tian Zhao institute was Bi Polar institute. He rushed in without the slightest hesitation. In his opinion, no place could be better than this to temporary avoid his pursuer. A member of Tian Zhao, a natural enemy of Bipolar, she couldn’t dare enter Bi Polar this brazenly?


Chu Min dared.

Along with the crazy winds, she flew past the wall of Bi Polar. The students inside began to yell and shout. However, all kinds of things carried by the wind began to drop down and caused massive chaos.

Chu Min dropped on the ground. Not paying any attention to any member of Bipolar, she continued to chase after Wei Ying.

“Who?” Bi Polar students, however, were not appreciative. One after other, they began to surround her. Could an outsider do as she pleased in Bi Polar?

At the same time, inside Tian Zhao institute, in the open land beside the library, Wen Yan had not yet completely recovered from Chu Min’s sudden departure. However, she was not careless with the task entrusted to her by Chu Min. However, right at this moment, a group of students also appeared in the woods. Usually, such a thing rarely happened here.