Chapter 65 - City Master Mansion's Resources.

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As the Xia Feng students, who had almost left the street, turned their heads upon hearing the commotion behind them. They were immediately somewhat frightened by the scene before them.

A quiet street instantly turned into a battlefield. All sorts of abilities of different Soul’s Power dancing in the street, and following it, blood rippling.

At this moment, Xia Feng students were silent. They had acknowledged that as cultivators, they were indeed inferior. This moment, all sorts of abilities obtained after the Linking of the souls could be seen being used by the students of these two institutes. What about them?

“We should…leave..” Someone said.

His tone was quite emotional as if he was seeing a completely different world. The identity of Xia Feng students, the heaven’s proud children, was nowhere to be seen on this street. As they left, no one even glanced at them. All were already immersed in one of the three point two fights that happened every day on this street.

However, for other students passing through this street, it seemed as if this fight did not pose any inconvenience at all. Some would sneak a few glances, then busy themselves with their own affairs, while some would excitedly join in the fun. This scene had continued through several centuries. Never ever had been a victor, and both institutes also treated it as a part of their training. No one tried to interfere or shouted to stop. Sometimes, even teachers joined in.

As for injuries, blood, critical condition….. of course, such things couldn’t be avoided in a fight of this scale. Killing; this was beyond the bottom line of both sides. Occasionally, amidst chaos, even if such a thing happened, a search would be launched to find out the culprit and dealt accordingly. However, every year, some students and teachers of both the institutes would disappear and were never seen again. Both sides would accuse the counterpart of underhanded murders. However, neither side had ever been able to find proof. After so many years, with so many cases being accumulated over time, neither side had a proper account of such cases.

Even this street and the high walls of the institutes had been baptized unaccountable times. Within Zhi Ling region, this street was already a legend. A legend of the growth and the fights of the two institutes.

“Senior Zhushu, finally!”

“Fang Wu!”

“Senior sister, Qin Sang.”

As the fight progressed, various heavyweights began to join in. Some boosted their side’s morale, some attracted other side’s hatred, influencing the drift of the fight in different ways. The fight was becoming increasingly serious. However, the two institutes were indeed evenly matched. Both sides had their advantages and disadvantages. However, on the whole, neither side managed to suppress the other. One side would gain an advantage, then one more person would join the other side, shifting the advantage, and so on…..

“Tian Zhao and Bipolar, their reputation is indeed well-deserved.”

Wei Ming, who had also come from the Xia Feng region, was watching the scene on the street with Wei Yang. His knowledge was naturally far above the superficial knowledge of those Xia Feng students who had only mixed within the Xia Feng region. He knew how big this world was and to what level Xia Feng region lagged behind. Tian Zhao and Bipolar, this was the level of the institutes standing on the top of this continent.

Beside him stood Wei Yang. He was still wearing his mask, but inside his revealed eyes, astonishment could be clearly seen.

In experience, he was undoubtedly far behind Wei Ming. Sheltered by the City Master and trained into a cultivator, his time had been too lacking. However, in comparison with the person standing beside him and especially the students of Xia Feng region’s two institutes, his talent was simply unrivaled. At his age, not a single person in Xia Feng region had attained the realm of Linking beside him.

Everybody said that he was a genius, and he agreed. However, being in the City Master Mansion, he had inevitably heard of many external affairs.

However, what he felt upon hearing couldn’t be compared to the shock he received upon seeing with his own eyes. Before him, on this street inside Zhi Ling region, he could see so many individuals of his age and some even smaller than him. Each and every one of these individuals possessed realms that were not inferior to his. If this level of achievement could make one genius, then this street was full of geniuses who were fighting a battle where their bones broke and blood flew.

Wei Ming was calmly watching.

They would obviously not join in, but he didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of leaving either.

Xia Feng region’s assessment had concluded, but they had not rushed from Xia Feng region to take the assessment. The assessment was something they casually did along the way. Following would be the Grand Soul Convention which was the main purpose of their visit. They also needed to cultivate beforehand. Especially Wei Ming and Wei Tianqi who only possessed the sixth Heavenly layer of Qi’s soul.

They would be cultivating in the Bipolar institute. However, this favor was not obtained through Baliyan. The latter only had friendly relations with Bipolar institute. However, Wei family had a deep relationship with Bipolar institute. Whom they had come to look for was but the individual who was guided by Wei Zhong back in the day and had already become an illustrious figure in Zhi Ling region, the Bipolar institute’s current dean, Tang Mu.

As the two watched the chaotic battle on the street, suddenly, a figure appeared out of nowhere and stood beside Wei Ming.

Wei Ming said without turning his head, “Is everything arranged on young city master’s side?”

“Yes.” Wei Ying answered.

“For the following twenty-one day’s closed-door cultivation, the young master could only rely on himself.” Wei Ming stated.

They were quite clear that as far as cultivation was concerned, Wei Tianqi’s talent was not outstanding. However, as the son of the City Master, the cultivation resources he could access was not something ordinary people could even hope to attain.

All sorts of cultivation methods, medicines, and secrets had been at the service of Wei Tianqi from the beginning of his cultivation. Through such means, he’d attained the sixth layer of Qi’s soul which was already the peak achievement in the Xia Feng institute.

However, in the institutes of Zhi Ling region, this level of achievement was evidently insufficient. However, all this had already been arranged by Wei Zhong. He, who liked efficiency, had already forged the most efficient road for Wei Tianqi’s cultivation from the very beginning. Although Wei Tianqi lagged somewhat compared to the level of Zhi Ling region, after attaining the single soul sixth Heavenly Layer, the next breakthrough could be attained. This cultivation would require the guidance of Bi Polar institute’s dean Tang Mu. This was one of the main objectives of We family’s delegation during this time’s journey.

“You have benefited from young city master this time.” Wei Ming said to Wei Yang.

Wei Yang nodded. Although it was only Wei Tianqi’s left behind resources, for ordinary people, even such an opportunity was almost impossible. The members of City Master Mansion were no different. If not for the similarity of his and Wei Tianqi’s ages and the high compatibility with the cultivation method prepared specifically for the latter, this opportunity of picking up the leftovers wouldn’t have befallen him, Wei Yang, who had a low seniority in the Wei family’s twelve protectors.

However. Efficiency is efficiency. Letting him have this opportunity had the most efficiency. Thus, he obtained it. From tomorrow, he would also undergo a twenty-one-day explosive closed-door cultivation. He looked forward to it as well.

Wei Ming and Wei Ying, who wouldn’t have any specific tasks in the subsequent short time-period, also wouldn’t sit idle. Raised in the City Master Mansion, their habits wouldn’t allow them to waste the most precious resource, the time. They would fully exploit every minute and every second.

“Those four individuals from Zhai Feng have reportedly entered Tian Zhao institute.” Wei Ming said.

“A lot of people saw them.” Wei Ying said.

“I will see the matters of Grand Soul Convention. You look for an opportunity to scout them.” Wei Ming instructed.

“Yes.” Wei Ying nodded.

Subsequently, the three turned their back on the intense fight going on and left without the slightest hesitation. City Master Mansion’s personnel would never waste time on some excitement.