Chapter 63 - Crazy Cultivation.

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“My Sound Preserving Device…..” Wen Yan somewhat wished to cry. The device itself didn’t matter, but the melody inside was what she had carefully hand-picked through several years, and of which she was extremely fond of. However, at this moment, it had already turned into dust.

“Uh…..” Lu Ping was at a loss for words. Wen Yan handed him the device out of her good-will to assist him. So he was responsible in a way. He wanted to say that he would compensate her, but how much did it cost? If he said and couldn’t afford the cost, that wouldn’t be good. Thus, Lu Ping was hesitating.

“Don’t speak….Let me cry for a moment.” Wen Yan withdrew into herself in silence. If anyone else had done this to her Sound Preserving Device, she definitely wouldn’t have left the matter be. However, when confronted against a person with unknown origins and depth such as Chu Min, she didn’t have the courage to go reason with her, and she knowingly withdrew.

“Continue.” Chu Min didn’t mind her at all as she yelled from afar.

“Yes.” Lu Ping immediately resumed his cultivation.

The process, not the result?

Contemplating on these words for a short while, Lu Ping understood. His aim was not to breakthrough into the realm of Linking, but to grasp the power of Control. A lot of people could already grasp it during the Perception realm. External means could only help one to achieve the final step. In the future, every time he fought and he had to use the Sound’s soul, he couldn’t listen to the melody from the Sound Preserving Device first, could he? Though it did present quite a picture.


This time, Lu ping was quite distracted. Due to the terrible control, the fragment in his hand immediately snapped into four pieces.

Lu Ping sucked a deep breath, turned his head, looked at Su Tang and moderated his thoughts before proceeding.

The sun was increasingly ascending. Although the woods had the shade of trees, but the climate was gradually becoming hot. Although Lu Ping was doing something quite unsophisticated, controlling the Sound’s soul uninterrupted was actually quite taxing. His forehead was covered with sweat, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.


An unknown amount of time passed before Lu Ping let out a long sigh, paused for a second to wipe the sweat with his sleeves. After losing the assistance of conversation and the Sound Preserving Device, he had once again returned back to the starting point and didn’t make any progress whatsoever.

At the window’s opening, a wooden stool appeared.

“Take a seat!” Wen Yan said.

She had not left at all. She had randomly found herself a book in the library, and she was reading it while keeping a close eye on Lu Ping and Su Tang’s cultivation.

She was still not clear on Su Tang’s situation, however, she could no longer bother them. Seeing the two individuals being so serious and so focused, she had started to feel troubled. At this point, Wen Yan was somewhat move. She was only curious about what was the motivation that allowed them to be so resolute. Grand Soul Convention? In Wen Yan’s world, the Grand Soul Convention couldn’t be this big of a motivation.

Seeing that Lu Ping had stopped cultivating, she immediately passed him the wooden stool beside her. Lu Ping’s cultivation didn’t depend on posture, thus, sitting could be regarded as saving energy.

“Thank you.” Lu Ping didn’t reject Wen Yan’s good will. Though standing did not cause him much trouble either.

He continued his cultivation. Chu Min only sat under the tree, drinking wine. She did not provide any further instructions. She had actually consumed three entire bottles in one morning.

At this point, the sun was about to hit the middle. Wen Yan’s stomach had started to churn. However, she could see Su Tang and Lu Ping didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping.

Isn’t this too crazy? She thought, but didn’t dare bother them.


The sound of wheels rolling suddenly entered her ears at this moment. She saw the two individuals from yesterday who had been in the Dean’s room had also arrived; one pushing the other.

Under the tree, Chu Min finally shifted her vision from the wine and looked at the two individuals who had arrived. Lu Ping, who had single-mindedly cultivating this whole time also stopped for the time being and looked at them.

“What are you playing at?” Mo Lin was stupefied as he looked at the pile of garbage beside Lu Ping’s right and left feet.

“Cultivation.” Lu Ping said.

“Innovative.” Mo Lin sighed admiringly before eventually asking:

“Did you eat?” He raised the handbag in his hand. He’d casually brought some food back.

“Ok.” Lu Ping nodded.

“Su Tang, teacher Chu Min, have some food.” Mo Lin shouted all around.

Dang it!

Being already hungry, Wen Yan was gloomy.

Chu Min also came over. However, Su Tang still hadn’t responded.

“Su Tang, have some food!” Mo Lin shouted in a louder voice. Su Tang still didn’t show any response as she awkwardly and clumsily walked about and made all sort of movements.

Xi Fan’s complexion was slightly changed. He already knew. Mo Lin, after Su Tang had not replied him again, also revealed an astonished expression.

“Ah? She has already begun?”

“En.” Lu Ping nodded.

“When did she begin?” Mo Lin asked.

“When you two left.” Lu Ping said.

“In other words, she immediately agreed?” Mo Lin was astonished; astonished at Su Tang’s decisiveness, astonished at her determination.

Lu Ping went over to Su Tang and patted her.

Su Tang ceased her movements and cocked her head, as if asking what.

Lu Ping pulled her in the direction of Chu Min and the rest. Su Tang immediately understood. As she walked, her steps were although still cautious, they were evidently a lot more confident and stable. Because, someone she trusted her was guiding her.

Mo Lin and Xi Fan were silently looking at Su Tang.

They returned, which signified their consent. Su Tang’s present condition was precisely what they were about to go through. Of course, for Xi Fan, it would not just be limited to this.

Lu Ping led Su Tang back and helped her to sit down.

Food’s aroma, flavour…..she couldn’t sense any of it. However, food has temperature, and Strength’s soul, Hinge’s soul could sense temperature. Su Tang immediately sensed the food’s temperature. She stretched her hand and felt the steam before smiling.

Lu Ping placed a spoonful beside her mouth. Su Tang could feel the temperature as she opened her mouth and ate from the spoon.

No flavour, no smell, nothing at all. Su Tang shook her head, apparently telling everybody about this feeling.

By that time, Wen Yan had arrived beside them. She had not been able to understand what was Su Tang was doing, but after Lu Ping guided her back, she understood a little. In the end, her curiosity got better of her, and she walked over. After getting closer, she was almost sure that this girl had lost a lot of her senses.

“How is she like this?” Wen Yan astonishedly asked. Is it because of yesterday’s injuries? If that’s the case, this would be too unfortunate.

“Lost four senses. Only Strength’s soul and a smidgen of Essence’s soul is left behind.” Lu Ping said.

“How so?”

“Cultivation.” Lu Ping said.

“You people…..are you insane?” Wen Yan dumbstruck.

“Even more crazy one is here!” Xi Fan smiled.

“You…” Wen Yan looked at Xi Fan. She was not stupid, in fact, she was quite intelligent. After learning that Su Tang was only left behind with Stregnth’s soul while cultivating, she was already aware of the crux of such a method of cultivation. As such, now Xi Fan was also saying the same thing, then it meant he would lose all the five senses and would only be left with consciousness. This is undoubtedly much worse than Su Tang’s situation.

“This is your way of instructing?” Wen Yan asked, looking at Chu Min.