Chapter 57 - To Protect.

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Anyone while mentioning Godou’s slogan of surpassing the four major institutes, when he’d just established the Zhai Feng, would mention it as a joke. This included Zhai Feng’s teachers, students, even the currently focussed Xi Fan and Mo Lin.

However, Chu Ming hadn’t done so. Her voice was extremely tranquil and contained no ridicule as she mentioned this slogan, just as if she’d merely stated a fact. A little bit of regret in her voice was not because of ‘surpassing the four institutes’, but because Godou’s target had become Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Convention.

Of course, in comparison to the four major institutes, Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Convention didn’t amount to anything. Some people would even say that this kind of regional convention’s level was same as about a random test in the four major institutes, not to mention the Dou Soul Convention which was combinedly hosted by all the four major institutes and happened only once in four years; being one of the gatherings of the continent’s most renowned and the strongest people. It could be compared to the three grand empire’s Selection Of Geniuses.

The three grand empire’s Selection Of Geniuses occurred once in three years. Since it was the selection of geniuses, it required even more detailed judgement with respect to participant’s capabilities. Therefore, for all the six souls, separate assessments were conducted, namely: Soul Selection.

Dou Soul Convention and the Soul Selection were the two most renowned conventions on the continent and were considered to be the highest accomplishment for a cultivator. On the other hand, gatherings like Zhi Ling region’s Grand Conventions were plenty. A region, a city, or even a cause, could pull together such gatherings.

Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Convention, among continent’s numerous gatherings, was considerably influential. In the southern region, it was the most influential gathering. Occurring inside the Mysterious Arms empire, aside from the Soul Selection, it was one of the most highly valued gatherings by the empire. Even, the Cheng Phoenix and Cyan Peak, the other two empires would also dispatch secret scouts during this time period to observe the strength of every year’s participants and coerce geniuses.

Participating in Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Convention was already akin to a proof of strength in the minds of numerous cultivators. However, Chu Min seemed quite disapproving towards the Grand Soul Convention.

Xi Fan and Mo Lin once again exchanged a glance. They didn’t know what to say. Perhaps Chu Min had the strength to look down on the Grand Soul Convention, however, with their current strength, even this was overstating their capabilities.

“Ah! First, settle down.” Chu Min said:

” Outside the door, two rooms, left and right. Help yourselves.”

“How are these two?” Xi Fan said.

“The girl’s strength soul is extremely formidable, but the burden it puts on her body also exceeds ordinary people’s. She is at her limit.” She said and turned her vision towards the corner of the room where Lu Ping was half buried inside books.

“This one… is a fool.” Chu Min said without a trace of politeness. However as she spoke, her vision displayed a trace of liveliness which had never been seen. It seemed like delight, hope, or something else. What was it? Xi Fan couldn’t discern.

“You should first go back and rest.” Chu Min commanded.


The two individuals went to the rooms outside the door. Both rooms were approximately the same; both had a lot of books and dust. However, this moment, neither of the two cared about these things. Even Xi Fan, who’d used another people as a means of transportation, was mentally exhausted at this moment. He sank into deep slumber almost immediately.

Early morning.

Lu Ping immediately sprang up to his feet as soon as he woke up.


A lot of books rummaged down. Lu Ping found himself in an ocean of books. Wherever he looked, he only saw books.

However, Lu Ping wasn’t concerned about this fact at all, his only thought was Su Tang. However, no other individual was present in the room.

Surrounded by gigantic trees, the entire library always seemed dim regardless day or night. However, in this room, one spot was exceptionally illuminated.

Lu Ping, who could not find anyone in the room, hurriedly went towards that spot.

At that spot was a window. The gigantic trees were sparing a passage connecting the window to the sky. The window was facing east. Due to the eastward morning sun, this was the time when the window was the most illuminated throughout the entire day, and the sunshine wasn’t obstructed in the slightest as it entered. As Lu Ping stood by the window with his reflection being laterally extended, he suddenly felt that this window might be an exit.

Subsequently, he heard voices of conversation and saw people outside the window.

Su Tang and that drunkard woman were at an empty piece of land in the woods outside the window. He jumped out of the window. Soon after, Su Tang spotted him and waved her hands:

“Lu Ping.”

Lu Ping hurriedly stepped forward. He’d obviously not forgotten what occurred before he’d passed out.

So, what’s up with this woman?

“Lu Ping, this is teacher Chu Min.” Su Tang introduced Lu Ping as he arrived a bit closer.

‘She is Chu Ming?’

Lu Ping had his vision on Chu Ming. She still looked the exact same as she’d at the congee shop; whole body reeking of alcohol and a bottle of wine in her hand.

Upon seeing Lu Ping’s vision was still somewhat reserved, she suddenly took a step and was instantly behind Su Tang, with her hand placed on Su Tang’s shoulder. She was so strong that she wouldn’t have faced any difficulty in taking Su Tang’s life with just this move had she wished to do so.

Lu Ping immediately clenched his fists. He hadn’t moved, but was extremely frustrated. He could discern that Chu Min had no malice, but what if she had? What if she had not stopped and had claimed Su Tang’s life? Could he have stopped it?

The answer frightened Lu Ping.

However, Chu Min smiled.

“You can certainly achieve if you have the determination in your heart? This is just a naive and childish thinking. You need true strength. Whether the opponent is treacherous, calm, cunning, desperate, nothing could gain the slightest upper-hand in your presence; the true strength. A strength no one could contest. Only then you will be able to properly protect what you want to protect without any regrets.”

“Teacher Chu Min…” Su Tang, who had been pretentiously captured by Chu Min, spoke at this moment.

“I won’t just be protected….” Before finishing, her head suddenly struck backward.

Using head as a weapon is undoubtedly dangerous. However, Chu Min could discern that Su Tang had not been so audacious just because she was being pretentiously threatened.

It was because what she just said; she would not just be protected. She was striving to protect Lu Ping as well.

Chu Ming quickly dodged the strike. However, at this moment, Lu Ping had already arrived and was standing alongside Su Tang.

None of them cowered, and none of them wished to be just protected. These two individuals, if one happened to be inside a fire, the other would also certainly be inside a fire as well. They supported each other, relied on each other, and protected each other. They would only choose to advance or retreat together.

For them, protecting oneself was protecting the other, and protecting the other was also protecting oneself. Between them, there was no characterization of weak and strong based on strength.

Chu Min could have continued to act. She could still have defeated them. She wouldn’t even have to use any strength.

But she stopped, and her face revealed an unfeigned smile.

“So it actually turned out like this.”

“You are very good. You are also very good. You both are very good.”