Martial God

Chapter 37.1 - Reappearance

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The successive layers of mountain peaks shrouded amidst clouds and mist exuded an enigmatic feeling.

Gold Forest country was a part of Northwestern countries. Zheng Tong county town leaned towards further west, and the area outside the city was an expanse of tall mountains.


Martial God

Chapter 36.2

Currently, his body was in a terrible shape. The hair on his head was curled all around and his face looked unsightly to the extreme, seeming as if he could fall at any moment.

Seeing him in such a terrible shape, the two leaders were obviously quite startled. Especially Guan Qing, since he knew where he’d come from. His expression changed as he sternly asked, “What happened? What about boss Liao?”

That man’s voice carried a hint of weeping as he said, “Leader, boss Liao died.”

Guan Qing’s face twitched but the expression in his eyes instead calmed down, “What happened? Tell me in detail.”

That man made a sound of agreement and immediately gave a quick account of his journey. He specifically mentioned the treasured horse that He Yiming was riding, saying that if not for this horse, they wouldn’t have acted.

After hearing, Guan Qing’s face darkened, “Four people….just four people wiped out all of you?”

“Leader, actually only two of them acted, “ That man ashamedly said, “But those two were too terrible, even leader Liao fell prey to their plot.”


Martial God

Chapter 36.1 - Extraordinary Strength

Basically all the small countries to the west of the north-western countries had sections of the mountain range that was stretched across the whole north-western region. However, apart from these sections, the regions to the north were evenly stretched grasslands for the most part.

Heaven Sieve country was also one such country. Tai Cang county and Atai county were both considered to be a part of the Jadeting region. However, the difference between them was that unlike Tai Cang county, Atai county was mostly constituted of even land rather than the mountains.

Furthermore, the border between Heaven Sieve country and Kairong country was also here.

Kairong country was but one of the three great nations of the northwest. Their strength was far beyond that of Heaven Sieve country.

The horse bandits of Atai county also usually avoided the caravans from Kairong country. As a result, the troops of Kairong country usually turned a blind eye to the activities of these horse bandits, not willing to spend too much energy to completely eradicate them.

However, as far as Heaven Sieve country was concerned, these horse bandits were undoubtedly a huge, poisonous tumor. Unfortunately, regardless of how they tried, under the lack of cooperation from the troops of Kairong country, they couldn’t eliminate this tumor in its entirety.


Martial God

Chapter 35.2

When He Yiming slowly walked out from the street’s opening, his face had gained its true appearance and even the body had completely reverted back to normal. As for the long gown on his body, he’d dumped it in some corner sometime along the way.

His figure faintly moved. The next moment, he was already inside one of the Yuan family’s shops. The shop’s assistant, who obviously recognized He Yiming, immediately struck a greeting.

He Yiming asked him to prepared a room where he could rest and further made him send someone to that antique shop along with the message for his eldest brother that he would be waiting here.

The servants in this shop naturally didn’t dare be neglectful and immediately made all the arrangements.


Martial God

Chapter 35.1 - Unexpected Delight

When He Yiming walked out into the street, his face was already completely transformed.

The current him, regardless from which angle one looked, looked like a man above forty. Furthermore, even his height had been increased.

Before leaving the shop, he opportunistically grabbed a long gown, and adjusted his stature to fit it.